Hayden Bridge to Armitage Park


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Photo ofHayden Bridge to Armitage Park Photo ofHayden Bridge to Armitage Park Photo ofHayden Bridge to Armitage Park


Trail stats

8.55 mi
Elevation gain
3,570 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
3,622 ft
Max elevation
299 ft
Min elevation
-444 ft
Trail type
One Way
Moving time
one hour 48 minutes
4 hours 21 minutes
July 14, 2020
July 2020
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299 ft
-444 ft
8.55 mi

near North Springfield, Oregon (United States)

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Trail photos

Photo ofHayden Bridge to Armitage Park Photo ofHayden Bridge to Armitage Park Photo ofHayden Bridge to Armitage Park

Itinerary description

A three hour casual paddle on the McKenzie River with a few challenging sections for beginners which can be avoided. Easy put in and take out, don’t forget a parks pass.

Plenty of opportunities for stops along the way including rope swing.

Paddlers should be comfortable balancing, proper paddling technique and leash safety. Belonging should be secured. Good opportunity to practice paddling, bracing, riding some small waves, eddy turns and enjoying the Springfield / Eugene back yard.


PictographPhoto Altitude 453 ft
Photo ofChallenge # 1

Challenge # 1

Upon exiting the boat ramp, 1 to 3 foot waves are on the left, 200’ down river. Paddle river right to avoid this until you feel more comfortable. Kneel if you don’t feel comfortable standing, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to stand later. Stay left if you are comfortable bracing and paddling through waves.

PictographPhoto Altitude 446 ft
Photo ofWatch your depth

Watch your depth

Depending on river flow, you’ll need to pay attention to depth to avoid walking or catching a fin. Moving your weight forward on the board can give you a few inches on the back fin. I prefer 1.5” river fins with a collapsible center fin but it took me three years to realize “needed” a better board.

PictographPhoto Altitude 443 ft
Photo ofAvoid to tree

Avoid to tree

Don’t feel comfortable with changing currents or have tried an eddy turn yet? Stay left. Like a bit more adventure, stay right. Practice bracing and paddling through changing currents.

PictographPhoto Altitude 449 ft
Photo ofRope swing!

Rope swing!

The best floats always have rope swings.

PictographPhoto Altitude 436 ft
Photo ofLeft is better

Left is better

PictographPhoto Altitude 446 ft
Photo of...and peaceful

...and peaceful

PictographPhoto Altitude 433 ft
Photo ofBeautiful homes

Beautiful homes

Which hopefully carry good flood insurance.

PictographPhoto Altitude 433 ft
Photo ofChallenge # 2

Challenge # 2

You can exit river right before the fast current. Many choose to stop on the right anyways. I enjoying standing through this section and practicing eddy turns to watch friends who may have fallen and grab a hat or unsecured belonging. HINT, HINT. Wear a life jacket. Feet down river and hold on to your paddle if you take a swim. I told myself if I didn’t fall, I wasn’t trying hard enough. It’s really not that bad.

PictographPhoto Altitude 427 ft
Photo ofLeft is dangerous, stay straight

Left is dangerous, stay straight

I consider the left a black diamond. Paddlers should be experienced with the risks and how to handle them. Stay right unless you’ve observed the area and are comfortable with handling the risks. I recovered a paddle board and life jacket from this section. Transport is close to the nearest hospital, it’s walking distance away.

PictographPhoto Altitude 423 ft
Photo ofExiting left

Exiting left

If you went left you avoided the large log jam and then was immediately pushed into the river bank. It’s peaceful after that and you’ll meet up with your friends.

PictographPhoto Altitude 410 ft
Photo ofKick back and relax

Kick back and relax

PictographPhoto Altitude 400 ft
Photo ofAvoid rocks, stay a bit left

Avoid rocks, stay a bit left

Avoid rocks and naked people. Nudie rock is on the right. Stay a bit left if you don’t feel comfortable avoiding a few rocks in the water.

PictographPhoto Altitude 400 ft
Photo ofI thought this was Stand Up Paddling

I thought this was Stand Up Paddling

PictographPhoto Altitude 417 ft
Photo ofShow off your new skills to the crowd

Show off your new skills to the crowd

or just don’t fall in. It’s quick and choppy, practice bracing. Hang on to that paddle if you go for a swim. You're exiting just ahead.

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Photo ofTake out

Take out


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