Been hiking for the past 10+ years:

· in Penang, Malaysia (trails under this profile), looking for lost rain gauges and abandoned durian farms;

· in Kharkiv region, Ukraine (trails here: https://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/user.do?id=1128898), exploring the region's little-known national parks

(see here for my blogs on the region's national parks:

· in Lithuania, where I've designed and walked a number long-distance routes in the country's national parks

(see here for my article in Cicerone: https://www.cicerone.co.uk/an-introduction-to-walking-in-lithuania)

and later focused on family canoe and bicycle trips, as well as on my favourite day hikes;

· I am now in Bordeaux, France, where I am exploring the vicinity on my indestructible 1990s Scott Peak Adventure and paddling the local rivers in the season :)

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