Travel Made Me Do It

Travel Made Me Do It

Whether it be hiking in South America, Australia or Europe, you’ll usually find us out and about, with a trusty peanut butter sandwich in hand!

Hi, we’re Dan and Beck. An Australian/British travel writing speed hiking couple who love nothing more than the great outdoors. Hiking in Norway is actually where we met!

We are the founders of Travel Made Me Do It. A travel website producing step by step guides to help you plan your next hiking adventure.

We are here to specifically help you book your entire hiking trip from start to finish. Travel Made Me Do It is the one stop shop on how to independently book hiking based trips.

We provide you with precise information designed to be practical, helpful and inspirational. Our guides are not created to show off where WE’VE been, but rather to show off where YOU could go!

The thorough yet succinct guides we write detail the smartest options for transport, accommodation and equipment and cover a number of multi and 1 day hikes.

We all know that travel doesn’t come for free. But that’s no reason to miss out. Our style of travel isn’t frivolous nor is it stringent. We are NOT budget hikers. But we are SMART hikers.

The hiking guides that we develop exemplify how to follow this style of travel. They are based on thorough research, years of personal travel experience around the globe and basic practical advice. We love to hike, so our list of locations will just keep growing.

Our hiking guides provide you with the exact knowledge to confidently plan your own trip and not compromise on comfort or quality, nor break the bank. We want to get you started on more successfully planning and conquering your bucket list hiking destinations.

Now you know a little more about us, don’t be shy! Check us out on and read one of our many guides to better plan your next hiking adventures.

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