2023JP 31 MYOKO KOGEN 妙高高原


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Photo of2023JP 31 MYOKO KOGEN 妙高高原 Photo of2023JP 31 MYOKO KOGEN 妙高高原 Photo of2023JP 31 MYOKO KOGEN 妙高高原


Trail stats

10.54 mi
Elevation gain
2,575 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
3,284 ft
Max elevation
4,660 ft
Min elevation
1,658 ft
Trail type
One Way
6 hours 47 minutes
November 9, 2023
October 2023

near Wakui, Nagano (Japan)

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Trail photos

Photo of2023JP 31 MYOKO KOGEN 妙高高原 Photo of2023JP 31 MYOKO KOGEN 妙高高原 Photo of2023JP 31 MYOKO KOGEN 妙高高原

Itinerary description

==== ATTENTION! ====
THIS IS NOT A CONTINUOS TRACK RECORDING. The real distance can be MUCH LONGER than the recorded one. The vertical distance (up and down) can be longer, too. USE A MAP to follow the route described below. For hiking trails, I used the 山と高原池図App. I tried to remember switching on GPS tracking on all points that are critical for finding the right way. Where GPS tracking was not active, a straight line is displayed instead of the real path.

==== CONTEXT ====
All my tracks 2023JP are for a series of 33 walks that connect Tokyo, at the Pacific Ocean, with Joetsu, at the Sea of Japan, passing near Mount Fuji. Done from 29th of September until 1st of November 2023. I will publish a resume named "2023JP 00 TOKYO to SEA OF JAPAN 東京 日本海" .

==== PLANNING ====
6h, +450m -900m, max.1400m
Mon 30Oct
(6¾, +550m, -1000m with NE corner of Lake)
P0) (950m) Elm Pension
2h20, SW via 北山頂
P1) (1400M) Madaraoyama 斑尾山
1h00 W
P2) (1000m) small road
1h10, N-W
P3) (700m) 古海bus stop at 504/96 junction
1h10, 5.2km NW
P4) (500m) Myoukou kougen 妙高高原 Seki River bridge
0h15, 1.0km, N-SW
P5) (500m) Onsen Inn Kofukan 香風館

(for city of P0 by NHK the same morning)
Myoko Town. Until 12:00 rain, 12C, then cloudy, 14C to 18C.

==== REAL TIMES & ROUTE ====
Mon 30Oct
P0) 08:55
09:05 A worker (camp ground employee?) hailed me, asked where I am going and led me to leave the main road, all in English.
09:20 hiking sign, but not towards where I want to go. Correct wait is up the skiing slope.
09:30 hiking sign to Mount Madarao.
Rain stopped at about half past 9. Then I am inside a cloud with low visibility. When this fog starts getting thinner, I walk more slowly, hoping that this gives the fog time to dissolve until I reach the peak.
P1) 10:55-11:05 views on this tree covered peak on this cloudy day just reach down to Madarao village (Pension street).
11:20-11:40 大明神岳 nice view on the lake, with stones you sit on. Mountains behind the main bakery are hidden in clouds. Snack.
Continue SW, skip P2.
X2A) (1070m) 12:20 Junction
12:35 last mountain path on this 33 day coast-to-coast walk?
X2B) (650m) 13:30 NE corner of lake.
The 山と高原map shows a mall road over the pass (750m), not tunnel. The only have I can see are 2 pink ribbons on completely overgrown terrain.
P3) 14:05
P4) 15:25
P5) 15:45


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