2023JP 29 NAKANO 中野


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Photo of2023JP 29 NAKANO 中野 Photo of2023JP 29 NAKANO 中野 Photo of2023JP 29 NAKANO 中野


Trail stats

9.61 mi
Elevation gain
564 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
1,788 ft
Max elevation
2,748 ft
Min elevation
739 ft
Trail type
One Way
6 hours 27 minutes
November 9, 2023
October 2023
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near Sano, Nagano (Japan)

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Trail photos

Photo of2023JP 29 NAKANO 中野 Photo of2023JP 29 NAKANO 中野 Photo of2023JP 29 NAKANO 中野

Itinerary description

==== ATTENTION! ====
THIS IS NOT A CONTINUOS TRACK RECORDING. The real distance can be MUCH LONGER than the recorded one. The vertical distance (up and down) can be longer, too. USE A MAP to follow the route described below. For hiking trails, I used the 山と高原池図App. I tried to remember switching on GPS tracking on all points that are critical for finding the right way. Where GPS tracking was not active, a straight line is displayed instead of the real path.

==== CONTEXT ====
All my tracks 2023JP are for a series of 33 walks that connect Tokyo, at the Pacific Ocean, with Joetsu, at the Sea of Japan, passing near Mount Fuji. Done from 29th of September until 1st of November 2023. I will publish a resume named "2023JP 00 TOKYO to SEA OF JAPAN 東京 日本海".

==== PLANNING ====
5¾h, 17km, +200m - 550m, max.900m
Sat 28Oct
P0) (700m) とらやの湯傳習館
1h15, 4.3km ENE
P1) (900m)地獄谷野猿公苑 Snow Monkey Park
/ 地獄谷野猿公苑Jigokudani Yaen Koen - monkeys today? /
1h00 at park
1h30, 5.5km, WNW
Shibu onsen PO 渋温泉
// Soba Yariya 11:00-16:00 7/7 // backstreet
//来々軒 Ramen Chinese 11:30-14:00 7/7 // backstreet
P2) (600m) Yudanaka 湯田中 station / Lawson /
0h45, 2.9km along river
P3) (450m) bridge
1h15, 4.3km, W
P4) (350m) Hotel route inn

(for city of P0 by NHK the night before)
Rain from 11:00 until next day, max 16C, 09:00 12C

==== REAL TIMES & ROUTE ====
Sat 28Oct
P0) 08:35
P1) 09:10-09:15 monitor at park entrance says "no monkeys".
In the Onsen hotel last night, I told at arrival and departure that I will for to the monkey park, but didn't ask directly if there were monkeys.
From now on I walk extremely slowly, because check-in are today's hotel opens at 15:00
P2) 10:35-11:15 Lawson and footbath.
11:30-12:20 lunch at Sekieu Drive in. When I come out, it rains lightly. A hat is enough, no umbrella.
12:45 walk back, hoping to access the gate ball and mallet golf parks from the previous bridge.
P3) 13:30 rain is over.
Broad elevated pedestrian walk from P3 to P4 throughout. It doesn't make sense that Google Maps suggest pedestrians avoid part of that route.
P4) 15:05


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