Hotel Gela

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Hotel Gela - the first landscape hotel in Bulgaria!

Designed with great attention to the smallest detail by the Norwegian Gartnerfuglen Arkitekter studio and cover the standards for an Active house. We have combined natural materials with innovative technologies to make the place energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
We designed this place to make you feel different and take you on a journey filled with pleasures you may have forgotten and also take you to places you have not been before.
We are situated in the village of Gela, in the most beautiful and virgin part of the Rhodope Mountains – considered the birth place of the mythic Thracian legendary musician Orpheus and a place of divine beauty.
Our aim has always been to combine the local style and traditions with the modern conveniences, because we believe that you deserve both. We also give a maximum attention to the smallest detail which comes together with attentive service, as we do your best to satisfy even the most demanding of our guests.
The name of the hotel means "smile" and for the more than 3500 years the place is considered one of the three energy centers in Bulgaria along with the Rupite and Krastova gora(Holly Cross Forest) Monastery and Chapel Complex)

Hotel Gela - the best from the Rhodopes !

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