WildatHike @ Porto (Portugal): Urban Trail


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Photo ofWildatHike @ Porto (Portugal): Urban Trail Photo ofWildatHike @ Porto (Portugal): Urban Trail Photo ofWildatHike @ Porto (Portugal): Urban Trail


Trail stats

7.17 mi
Elevation gain
988 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
1,253 ft
Max elevation
337 ft
Min elevation
3 ft
Trail type
One Way
December 26, 2017
337 ft
3 ft
7.17 mi

near Massarelos, Porto (Portugal)

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Trail photos

Photo ofWildatHike @ Porto (Portugal): Urban Trail Photo ofWildatHike @ Porto (Portugal): Urban Trail Photo ofWildatHike @ Porto (Portugal): Urban Trail

Itinerary description

A simple trail showing the main spots and amazing secret views of Porto Landscape (You can split it in 2 days)
- Start in Jardins do Palácio de Cristal (Romantic gardens);
- Walk through Miguel Bombarda Art Galleries street;
- Walk through Cedofeita street and Travessa de Cedofeita (Espaço 77 is a beer record seller in all country);
- After passing in Carlos Alberto square, take a look on the tiles of Igreja do Carmo (Church) and if you want to buy Port Wine go to Garrafeira do Carmo (In Carmo street), they have a great selection;
- Head to Jardim da Cordoaria (Garden), after passing the old student bar Piolho and Adega Leonor, search for the set of sculptures "Thirteen laughing at each other", a work of the Spanish sculptor Juan Muñoz;
- Follow down to Passeio das Virtudes (An appreciated sunset meeting point with views to the river and Arrábida bridge and down Miragaia);
- Head to Miradouro da Vitória (Nice viewpoint and famous for the legend of Senhora da Vitória);
- Passing behind the Portuguese Center of Photography - Cadeia da Relação building (free museum), head to Clérigos Tower and then Lello Bookstore (famous for inspiring J.K. Rowling before writing Harry Potter novels);
- Head to Galeria de Paris street (Mainstream bar area) and then Aliados square;
- Visit the tiles inside São Bento train station;
- Head to famous traditional market of Bolhão
- Enjoy the tiles of Chapel of he souls;
- Walking back trough Santa Catarina street try some warm Portuguese egg custard tarts and a port wine in Fábrica da Nata (or other place nearby);
- Head to Luís I Bridge upper passage, crossing it and go up to Serra do Pilar (Probably the best viewpoint to Porto, specially at sunsets);
- Cross the bridge back to Sé Cathedral;
- Go down trough the narrow streets between Sé and Ribeira;
- After passing Mercado Ferreira Borges (HardClub), Palácio da Bolsa (famous for the Arabic room), S. Francisco church (famous for the Baroque gilt woodwork art - talha dourada) and before turn to Ribeira, I advise you to visit Miragaia (It's not present on this trail);
- enjoy walking by the river and head to the oldest house in Porto (14th century);
- Cross the Luís I Bridge lower passage to Vila Nova de Gaia and here you can visit more than 25 brands of Port Wine cellars. Recommended: Taylor's (search for the views from the restaurant), Cockburn's, Ferreira, Graham's (also with one of the best views), Sandman and Porto Cruz Top Roof Bar;
- Close to Sandman appreciate the amazing street art from Bordalo II ("Half Rabbit"), go trough all Rua Guilherme Gomes Fernandes until you find it;
- trail ending in Cais de Gaia near Ferreira Port Wine Celars or in other celars of your choice.

Update May 2018: The traditional Market of Bolhão will be closed for repairs for 2 years. You can visit the temporary market moved in La vie Shopping Centre.


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