H'kusam Bay Access Trail


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Photo ofH'kusam Bay Access Trail Photo ofH'kusam Bay Access Trail Photo ofH'kusam Bay Access Trail


Trail stats

3.55 mi
Elevation gain
991 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
991 ft
Max elevation
565 ft
Min elevation
27 ft
Trail type
Moving time
25 minutes
2 hours 28 minutes
December 18, 2022
December 2022

near Hkusam, British Columbia (Canada)

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Trail photos

Photo ofH'kusam Bay Access Trail Photo ofH'kusam Bay Access Trail Photo ofH'kusam Bay Access Trail

Itinerary description

This area northeast of Sayward Road toward the Johnstone Strait is one part of the traditional territory of the K'ómox First Nation, members of which mostly reside over 100 kms to the south in Comox Valley. H'kusam is this flat, area as well as the name of the mountain group to the south. The trail is wide and may have once been a logging road or suitable for a 4x4 vehicle. It is heavily overgrown with bushes and fallen trees across it. None poses any significant barrier but collectively slow progress on the otherwise wide and flat trail. In wetter seasons, the trail runs with water and can be slippery, although the grade is not significant enough to cause a higher risk of falling.


PictographCar park Altitude 36 ft
Photo ofParking


This small widening at the end of Port Hkusam Trail, a short road off Sayward Road, could allow up to about ten cars to park.

PictographBridge Altitude 36 ft
Photo ofLog Bridge

Log Bridge

It was a bridge! Now it is a few logs across a wide stream that can be a bit treacherous as wide gaps between them are large enough to fall through.

PictographPhoto Altitude 272 ft
Photo ofTrail Photo

Trail Photo

The graded and wide flat trail was no doubt a vehicle road at one time.

PictographPhoto Altitude 489 ft
Photo ofTrail or Stream-bed

Trail or Stream-bed

Water runs in the trail almost the whole length, adding to footing difficulty and slipperiness.

PictographSummit Altitude 531 ft
Photo ofHigh point

High point

At this point the trail is at its high point and goes down in both directions. Be prepared to push back bushes that intrude into the trail regularly. A number have smaller trees have also fallen across the trail.

PictographPhoto Altitude 82 ft
Photo ofView to Johnstone Strait

View to Johnstone Strait

Ten to twenty minutes after the trail starts to descend, the ocean comes into view.

PictographBeach Altitude 36 ft
Photo ofShoreline Photo ofShoreline


The black sand and smooth, round black pebble beach is beautiful and decorated with flotsam and jetsam, including log boom edge pieces.

PictographRuins Altitude 30 ft
Photo ofAbandoned logging truck trailer

Abandoned logging truck trailer

PictographCampsite Altitude 36 ft
Photo ofPossible Campsite Photo ofPossible Campsite

Possible Campsite

Just off the beach and a few meters inland are two flat grassy areas that would make good campsites. I do not know if camping is permitted or overnight parking at the trailhead allowed. There is no signage about either.


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