Juno Wall - Jasper



Trail stats

0.99 mi
Elevation gain
584 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
0 ft
Max elevation
4,122 ft
Min elevation
3,279 ft
Trail type
One Way
one hour 6 minutes
March 15, 2020
March 2019
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4,122 ft
3,279 ft
0.99 mi

near Devona, Alberta (Canada)

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Itinerary description

We were here 25 march 2019

If you are a sport climber visiting Jasper National Park, we recommend putting this crag on your list. It has a super cool perspective on Jasper and the climbing itself is really fun. The grading was exactly what it should have been and the rock delivers some technical, but secure climbing. And since this crag is not described on Mountain Project for some reason, we suspect it sees less traffic than others is the vicinity.


From the viewpoint, cross the street in the direction of the rock on the other side of the road. Go left and around the back to find a climbing trail going up. Keep heading up and in southwest direction. Our GPS track will show that we followed a path under the ridge (to far to the climbers right). When coming back down however we found a much more established trail on top of the ridge, which would be much easier to follow. Keep on this path until you see two big trees growing very close. Follow the climbing trail to the right and downhill before traversing over the slope again. In this way you can avoid rappeling to arrive at the crag. Follow for a bit longer until the wall becomes visible at the left hand side.


-> Environment
This crag is located on top of a slope with some amazing views over Talbot Lake. You defintely get to see another side of Jasper National Park from here. Also, this is one of the earliest crags for outdoor climbing in the area. The wall itself faces west and gets a lot of sun in the afternoon since there is no cover around.

-> Routes
The routes here were spot on! No problem with climbing at our usual level. We had a lot of fun out here. The friction on the wall was very good. Sometimes even a bit on the sharp side. The style climbing is very similar over the whole wall: technical, straight up and long.

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