Piano - Foppolo (ltaly)


Trail photos

Photo ofPiano - Foppolo (ltaly) Photo ofPiano - Foppolo (ltaly) Photo ofPiano - Foppolo (ltaly)


Trail stats

3.72 mi
Elevation gain
433 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
1,542 ft
Max elevation
6,780 ft
Min elevation
5,334 ft
Trail type
One Way
Moving time
29 minutes
32 minutes
July 26, 2022
July 2022
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near Piano, Lombardia (Italia)

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Trail photos

Photo ofPiano - Foppolo (ltaly) Photo ofPiano - Foppolo (ltaly) Photo ofPiano - Foppolo (ltaly)

Itinerary description

Off-road trail from Rifugio Dordona approx 2000 mtrs up, down to Hotel Des Alps. Recorded trail down not up. Nice test for my Jeep Trailhawk, drove in Rock Mode most of the way, no problems at all, advise 4x4 only. This short trail was about 75% small/large rocks, medium sized holes en route, some tight bends and very wet as it was raining hard. l went up/down during a storm, lighting, (extra fun really) trail became waterlogged in places, 4 to 6 cm but no problem. Alp hut was full, so came back down and stayed in Des Alps hotel. Well worth doing this trail, enjoyed it. Paid route, 3 EUR, I was stopped and checked, all very friendly.

Comments  (2)

  • Photo of Olddog69
    Olddog69 Sep 8, 2022

    Where do you pay for the route? Thanks in advance for the information.

  • Photo of LifeOnTheEdge
    LifeOnTheEdge Sep 8, 2022

    Hi, Ask in the Hotel Des Alps, it is on route to the trail, on a bend. The lady/owner did/or does issues tickets, she could not for us for some reason but told us to tell this to the police if stopped. Police stopped us, we told them and they except it but we had get a ticket at the top of the trail, berg hut Refuse and them send it to the police the same evening via a email the policeman gave me.

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