Llangollen - Lampeter


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Photo ofLlangollen - Lampeter Photo ofLlangollen - Lampeter Photo ofLlangollen - Lampeter


Trail stats

170.35 mi
Elevation gain
12,772 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
12,861 ft
Max elevation
2,075 ft
52 3.3
Min elevation
241 ft
Trail type
One Way
Moving time
14 hours 30 minutes
2 days 7 hours 34 minutes
March 1, 2022
August 2018
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2,075 ft
241 ft
170.35 mi

near Llangollen, Wales (United Kingdom)

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Trail photos

Photo ofLlangollen - Lampeter Photo ofLlangollen - Lampeter Photo ofLlangollen - Lampeter

Itinerary description

3 day tour taking in wayfarer, bomber lane, happy valley, corwen car wash and strata Florida and some other lesser known trails. Odd challenging bits, but nothing you can't do without care. Excellent off roading !
As with all trails I post I strongly advise you check the position of each section regards tro's and other restrictions prior to driving them. Over time access to many lane's can change !


PictographPhoto Altitude 1,625 ft
Photo ofNice photos

Nice photos

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,300 ft
Photo ofWayfarer


PictographPhoto Altitude 2,013 ft
Photo ofWayfarer


PictographPhoto Altitude 648 ft
Photo ofCorwen car wash

Corwen car wash

PictographPhoto Altitude 984 ft
Photo ofBomber lane Photo ofBomber lane

Bomber lane

PictographPhoto Altitude 779 ft
Photo ofCampsite


PictographPhoto Altitude 1,067 ft
Photo ofHappy valley

Happy valley

PictographPhoto Altitude 768 ft
Photo ofCafe


PictographPhoto Altitude 1,191 ft
Photo ofSteep  climb

Steep climb

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,257 ft
Photo ofRed kite center

Red kite center

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,042 ft
Photo ofCaamping


PictographPhoto Altitude 931 ft
Photo ofPhoto


Strata Florida

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,213 ft
Photo ofStrata bomb hole

Strata bomb hole

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,387 ft
Photo ofViewpoint


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  • Photo of James Houston
    James Houston Sep 9, 2022

    I have followed this trail  View more

    This trail is not for the faint hearted. Some of it very challenging, especially day 1 where there are big side leans by a gulley while ascending steeply on rock. Also lots of it is officially closed - including sections near the start and end. Suggest you join GLASS and read the comments on this route and check out the sections where road closures apply. Wish we had before our trip - now know better. Parts of it have also been blocked by landowners in the past to deter 4x4, long screws, boulders etc. I rated it 4 for easy to follow in that it's easy to find the route on the app, but lots of it is very hard to drive. We were in a Land Rover Series 3.

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