Shangri-La and Iceberg Lake Loop - Glacier National Park



Trail stats

9.54 mi
Elevation gain
2,336 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
2,277 ft
Max elevation
6,955 ft
Min elevation
4,671 ft
Trail type
February 2, 2010
February 2010
6,955 ft
4,671 ft
9.54 mi

near Swiftcurrent, Montana (United States)

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Itinerary description

Off-trail hike to make a loop out of the Iceberg Lake Trail in the Many Glacier region of Glacier National Park. The loop starts from the Swiftcurrent Pass trailhead in the Swiftcurrent Camp Store parking lot. Start out heading towards Red Rock Lake. At about 1.3 miles (approximate) there is a small stream crossing, usually with a two-plank bridge across it - it's very close to Red Rock Lake. Once you cross the stream, look to the right for a non-maintained, but pretty well worn hiker's trail heading north, away from the lake. The trail begins roughly 10-20 feet past the stream and heads up the hill. The GPS track in this area is approximate, as I had accidentally turned off the tracking, but the trail is pretty easy to follow. The trail leads through some brush and forest, up a pretty steep hill before crossing a running stream and then following the gully up towards the snowfield and a small waterfall. Climbing through the cliff bands begins in the gully, near the snow. Look for the climber's trail, it's easy to follow. After picking your way through about 700-800 feet of cliffs, the trail empties onto the Shangri-La bench with the hanging pond. Once you're on the bench, if you lose the trail, head back towards the stream and you can follow it up the small pond. Make your way around the pond (it's a great place for lunch) and then head up the steep hill to the northwest for the Iceberg Lake overlook. Other than from on top of Mount Wilber, or from Iceberg notch, this is about as good a view as you can get. Look for the climber's trail heading down the talus slope and have fun sliding more than a 1000 feet down to the lake. Be sure to follow the trail - if you don't see it, keep looking, it's obvious when you see it. Once you reach Iceberg Lake, jump back on the park maintained Iceberg Lake trail to head back to Swiftcurrent. It's a pretty long dayhike, but more than doable in 7 hours if you're a strong hiker.


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