Rio Hills, Achaea 20131005


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Photo ofRio Hills, Achaea 20131005 Photo ofRio Hills, Achaea 20131005 Photo ofRio Hills, Achaea 20131005


Trail stats

19.28 mi
Elevation gain
3,258 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
3,337 ft
Max elevation
1,730 ft
Min elevation
-14 ft
Trail type
One Way
3 hours 49 minutes
October 11, 2013
October 2013
1,730 ft
-14 ft
19.28 mi

near Paralía Proastíou, West Greece (Greece)

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Trail photos

Photo ofRio Hills, Achaea 20131005 Photo ofRio Hills, Achaea 20131005 Photo ofRio Hills, Achaea 20131005

Itinerary description

Route through hills above Rio.

0,0km at 0m - Start from Mpozaitika beach, up with local roads towards University and later continueing up in direction to Ano Kastritsi.

4,0km at 150m - Innovation Hub above University. Climb becomes steeper but views much better :-D, still with asphalt.

10,0km at 480m - Ano Kastritsi. Very nice village in footsteps of Panachaiko range. From time to time there is bridge view available. After passing the village, route leaves asphalt road and enters descent with dirt roads towards Platani.

12,5km at 450m - after some 2,5km with dirt roads, route enters the area destroyed by 2012's big fire. The aftermath is almost completely burbed forest and very damaged roads. I had to walk down with my bike for large part of this section, until almost Platani.

16,0 at 180m - Horse Club of Rio, actualy located in Platani :-D and later the village itself with beautiful church and spring next to it - time for refill of water supplies before next climb to Profiti Ilias Argiras, again with asphalt local road.

21,0 at 480m - right turn in direction to the church, leaving the local road.

22,0 at 520m - Profiti Ilias Argiras. Very nicely located church offering panoramic views to Patras gulf and bridge of course. Quick break and route continues first back to local road and very soon after right in direction to Agios Georgios Drepanou (there is a sign). After about one kilometer, the route again enters area burned in 2012's summer fire. One year from that, the forest starts to 'recover' to green again.

25,5km at 450m - missed turn! Originally I was planning to reach Ag Georgios church, but as I found out later, I have missed exactly this right turn and went straight instead :-/ ehh well, next time...
After the mistake I made another one (due to misleading map on my GPS) and went to blind spot. Fortunately, it was not much to go back and find the right route.
The descent down to Ag Vassileios was done again with very bad roads, where I had to walk down for most of the section.

31,0km at 10m - arrived in Ag Vassileios (with small shopping stop to Andrikopoulos supermarket).

Even though it's fairly short ride, without exeptional climbs, I mark it 'difficult' for both downhill sections in burned area, where the road was exetremly dangerous and impossible to ride.
Great views to Patras gulf, bridge, Patras city and Panachaiko mountains.


PictographWaypoint Altitude 1,578 ft
Photo ofAno Kastritsi Photo ofAno Kastritsi Photo ofAno Kastritsi

Ano Kastritsi

PictographWaypoint Altitude 600 ft
Photo ofPlatani Photo ofPlatani Photo ofPlatani


PictographReligious site Altitude 1,673 ft
Photo ofProfiti Ilias Argiras Photo ofProfiti Ilias Argiras Photo ofProfiti Ilias Argiras

Profiti Ilias Argiras

PictographRisk Altitude 1,486 ft
Photo ofFire aftermath Photo ofFire aftermath Photo ofFire aftermath

Fire aftermath

PictographRisk Altitude 1,332 ft
Photo ofDestroyed road Photo ofDestroyed road Photo ofDestroyed road

Destroyed road

Comments  (2)

  • Photo of antdiam
    antdiam Oct 15, 2013

    Nice route! I did the first part coming from patra acceding gradually to kastritsi trough roads parallel to panepistimiou street! Descend is manageable but with a ful suspension long travel bike only. Still breaking a rear deralliuer... :( . At st. Georges church there is a hidden downhill grade and very steep trail that descendeds to aag. Basileios!

  • Photo of Chanlibel گردنه مه آلود
    Chanlibel گردنه مه آلود Oct 5, 2021


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