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14.05 mi
Elevation gain
1,680 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
1,660 ft
Max elevation
1,521 ft
43 4.2
Min elevation
148 ft
Trail type
One Way
2 hours 37 minutes
June 28, 2009
June 2009
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  •   4.2 2 Reviews
1,521 ft
148 ft
14.05 mi

near Hveragerði, Suðurland (Ísland)

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Trail photos

Photo ofReykjadalur Photo ofReykjadalur Photo ofReykjadalur

Itinerary description

Fantastic route near Hveragerdi (approx 40 min drive from Reykjavik).
Starting from Hveragerdi you ride up the mountain using the old gravel road.
Once you are up on the plateau you follow the road untill it takes you to the main road (ringroad nr. 1) which you need to cross. Continue west for a hundred meters untill you get to the road leading to Ölkelduháls. Follow this gravelroad north for about 8 km up to the top of the mountain (approx 460 m high).
Once at the top, lower the saddle because from there on its pure downhill fun.
Follow the tracks leading you down the Reykjadalur valley untill you end up in Hveragerdi again.

The route leads through a highly thermal area with plenty of steam and hot water coming up through the ground. A warm river flows through the Reykjadalur valley. Its a great opportunity to wash off the sweat from climbing to the top.

Take great care not to fall into any of the hot mud pits that you find along the way!!!

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  • mieva Aug 22, 2013

    Fantastic is the right word! We did a part of it, riding up the walkers path and coming back the same way. But at the top end we did an extra 10 km loop via Seltenger involving some bike carrying and discovered an impressive gorge with overhanging natural arch. The hot river was icing on the cake.

  • ManyRevolutions Aug 19, 2015

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    Nice trail but I think things have changed a bit in this area since the original description was made. Firstly the track is about 60% gravel or sealed roads, fortunately most of which is on the uphill, but some of what presumably was 'single track'' downhill has been ruined (from a free riding perspective) due to a well benched track being put in to cater fore the many tourists that now flock to the hot-creek. The single track is now ca 40% footpath, but the rest is still fun as long as you are good at dodging the constant stream of tourists (this was in peak summer). I would not class this a 'difficult' ride. But still, well worth the effort, and the hot bath and scenery are superb.

  • Photo of Ballenapez
    Ballenapez Aug 24, 2015

    You are right it had changed a lot. I haven't ridden there in a few years. Also i think this was one of the first tracks i posted and i guess back then i rated it more difficult than i would today :) . Ratings are a bit problematic on Wikiloc anyway since there is no way to reference them.

  • Fresa 131 Aug 12, 2023

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    Buena ruta para soltar piernas

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