Mountain biking trail of Pemzashen village


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Photo ofMountain biking trail of Pemzashen village Photo ofMountain biking trail of Pemzashen village Photo ofMountain biking trail of Pemzashen village


Trail stats

14.09 mi
Elevation gain
2,848 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
2,848 ft
Max elevation
8,760 ft
Min elevation
5,917 ft
Trail type
6 hours 7 minutes
October 23, 2018
May 2017
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8,760 ft
5,917 ft
14.09 mi

near Pemzashen, Shirak (አርሜኒያ)

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Trail photos

Photo ofMountain biking trail of Pemzashen village Photo ofMountain biking trail of Pemzashen village Photo ofMountain biking trail of Pemzashen village

Itinerary description

Biking trail description
This trail is located in Pemzashen Village, Shirak Region. The trail differs greatly from the gorges and trails in the lush green, though it is high in the middle of the year. 2000 m. You will not see stones on the mountain biking route, which is not typical for a rocky country. The route is marked by Pemzashen St. From the Astvatsatsin Church, which is currently active. The asphalt road to the village rises to Makaravank VII. From there the main mountain biking route begins and the quiet camps go up to the camps of people living in the mountains, enjoying the summer sun and the sun, nature's awakening. They live in small houses and tents, producing pure products from pure milk. The return is the same way. The route ends in Pemzashen village.

Monuments description
Harichavank is a medieval church complex in Armenia, situation in Shirak province. It is one of the oldest medieval Armenian monasteries. The oldest building was built in the 7th century. It's Gregory Church. There are also two-storied prayer halls built in the 13th century. The main church of the monastery was built by the order of Zakare and Ivane brothers in 1201, it is a cross-shaped dome-shaped structure. This monument is one of the gems of medieval architecture, surrounded with delicate ornaments. The building is exquisite with its simplicity, the perfection of construction. The monastery was also a science center. Famous Armenian poet Avetik Isahakyan studied in 1887-1889.
Future clergymen study at Harich monastery. At present, there are other clergy schools in the Vardarshapat and Sevanavank schools.
According to one of the passages, one of the ruling elites was hiding from the Seljuks in the chapel built on the rock and when the Seljuks tried to take the maiden, the rock was divided into two parts, and the salvage was scared by such a miracle and the maiden survived.

St. Astvatsatsin Church is located in Pemzashen village of Shirak region. This church, located in the center of the village, consists of three ancient medieval churches built adjacent to each other. As the IV-VII cc. The monument is one of the unique examples of Armenian architecture. It is one of the oldest with the peculiarities of composition. The central church of the complex (VI c.) Is a three-dimensional cross-shaped, centrally-shaped, rectangular volume. It is made of stony stone with a pebble tuff. There are masters' notes on the stones. Ornamental decoration is typical of VI-VII cc. Armenian architecture. It is remarkable that there is a sculpted entrance on which the Virgin Mary is painted by the infant, Jesus Christ, and the angels who spread out the arms in front of them.

There are few type of animals in these areas of Shirak province due to the lack of forests. There are bears, wolves, foxes, rabbits, mice, birds, butterflies, insects and beetles. You can spot snakes and lizards during summer months.

Safety and security
All telecom networks are almost always available. In the case of any emergency call 911. Beware of rural dogs.

Technical parameters
Best period: from June to September
Biking trail length: 22.5 km,
Ride duration: 6 hours
Altitude from the sea level: 1780-2680-1780 m
Take a bottle of water with you

How to get to the route
To get to the above mentioned route, it is necessary to leave Yerevan and reach Pemzashen village by taxi. Please use the taxi that have a speedometer. Taxis throughout Armenia are quite affordable.


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