From Norashen village to the mountains of Yeranos


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Photo ofFrom Norashen village to the mountains of Yeranos Photo ofFrom Norashen village to the mountains of Yeranos Photo ofFrom Norashen village to the mountains of Yeranos


Trail stats

20.2 mi
Elevation gain
3,281 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
3,281 ft
Max elevation
5,936 ft
Min elevation
3,044 ft
Trail type
7 hours 23 minutes
October 23, 2018
May 2017
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5,936 ft
3,044 ft
20.2 mi

near Norashen, Ararat (አርሜኒያ)

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Trail photos

Photo ofFrom Norashen village to the mountains of Yeranos Photo ofFrom Norashen village to the mountains of Yeranos Photo ofFrom Norashen village to the mountains of Yeranos

Itinerary description

Biking trail description
The beginning of the mountain biking route starts from Norashen village, Ararat province. On the route, in the gorge, a two-kilometer trail is missing, and you will cross it when you're on the ride with GPS. Ararat region is famous for mountain-climatic climate, but lush gardens and gardens are full of localities. People are mainly engaged in gardening. The biking route is unique because it always goes through two-sided rocky mountains. The dry, semi-desert climate, the sun-warming mountains and pastures of the sun reminded the scenes of the film at once. Sometimes there are even small rivers that save the uninterrupted "work" of nature.

Monument description
Since Ararat is a warm region, it is possible to cross the trail until late autumn. The lowest point of the area is the Araks River, 801 m. The highest point is in the north-east of Spitakasar, 3555.7 m. Ararat Valley is the highest peak of the Armenian highland with 5137 m high.

The mountainous part of the province occupies the slopes of the Geghama Mountains and the mountains of Urts and Yeranos. Here, the forest is protected by separate islets, which was founded by the King of Armenia Khosrow Kotak in IV century. Khosrov Reserve is located here. The Ararat Valley is another world, it is the world of alpine flower meadows, the royal royal forest of Khosrov, the mountainous springs full of pomegranate and sunburned and sunflower fruits of the Ararat Valley.
The meadows, green valleys, silent standing cliffs give the terrain an indescribable beauty. It is more commonly found in hawthorn, sturgeon.

Fauna of the Ararat Province is rich because it is part of "Khosrov State Reserve". This climate is suitable for beef, Caucasian bear, wild pig, rabbit, buckwheat, fox, hedgehog, jackal, hawthorn, myrtle, clammy, cranberry, squirrel. There are diverse birds, reptiles, insects, and fish in the rivers, the most famous of which are red. The region is rich in fish farms, where they grow spirals, white and black bull-fire, white and gray fasteners, etc. Many species of fish (whitefish, mustard, beech, etc.) have a fishing effect, and some species (Armenian blackberries, skirts, silkworms, etc.) are the objects of sport hunting. Carnation hunting is banned.
The Armenian red fish, Ishkhan, and Sevan beghlu types of fishes are the natives. The last two are registered in the Red Book of Armenia.

Safety and security
Ucom and MTS telecom connections are available somewhere in the Emanos Mountains. In case of any emergency call 911. Beware of sheep and its smell.

Technical parameters
Best period: from May to October
Biking trail length: 32.3 km
Ride duration: 7 hours 23 min
Altitude from the sea level: 900-1780 m
95% of the road is solid land, 5% asphalt
Take a bottle of water with you

How to get to the route
To get to the above mentioned mountain biking trail, you must reach the Norashen village in Ararat Province. Taxis across Armenia are quite affordable. Please use the taxi that have meters in it.


PictographWaypoint Altitude 3,043 ft


PictographWaypoint Altitude 5,911 ft


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