From Mount Teghenis (2800 m) to AGHVERAN NATIONAL PARK


Trail photos

Photo ofFrom Mount Teghenis (2800 m) to AGHVERAN NATIONAL PARK Photo ofFrom Mount Teghenis (2800 m) to AGHVERAN NATIONAL PARK Photo ofFrom Mount Teghenis (2800 m) to AGHVERAN NATIONAL PARK


Trail stats

17.75 mi
Elevation gain
3,524 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
4,229 ft
Max elevation
8,738 ft
Min elevation
4,963 ft
Trail type
One Way
5 hours 41 minutes
October 23, 2018
May 2017
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8,738 ft
4,963 ft
17.75 mi

near Jrarrat, Kotaykʼ (አርሜኒያ)

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Trail photos

Photo ofFrom Mount Teghenis (2800 m) to AGHVERAN NATIONAL PARK Photo ofFrom Mount Teghenis (2800 m) to AGHVERAN NATIONAL PARK Photo ofFrom Mount Teghenis (2800 m) to AGHVERAN NATIONAL PARK

Itinerary description

Biking trail description
It is recommended to drive to Mount Teghenis, situated in Kotayk province. The route starts at the outskirts of Hrazdan, where the asphalt road rises to the summit of Teghenis Mountain (2800 meters high). The location of the asphalted road is lower than its slopes and goes to adjacent, lush forests. The trail stretches till the white peak of Ararat and the four peaks of the Aragats. The crosswalk pathway continues to Bjni village. Bjni is rich in natural mineral sources and historical and cultural monuments. Here, a 28-kilometer-long mountain bike ride route ends. The return from Bjni to Yerevan is 48 km.

Monuments description
Surb Astvatsatsin Baptist monastery is situated on the northern edge of the village of Bjni, Kotayk province. In 1031, the monastery was set up and the church was built by Grigor Magistros Pahlavuni, by the decree of the Catholicos Peter A. Getsdus and King Hovhannes Smbat, and here established a bishop chair. The diocese of the Baptist Surb Astvatsatsin monastery spread from Lake Sevan to the Akhuryan River from Gugark to Bjni. St. Astvatsatsin Church is a domed hall with a pair of western facades, crowned with a multitudinous drum and a canopy-shaped dome.

Kecharis Church Complex (in Tsaghkadzor, near Hrazdan), built in the 11-13th centuries, was a prominent religious and cultural center of medieval Armenia.
Well known scientists and politicians used to live in Kecharis. It consists of four churches courtyard and two chapels. The main one - the St. Gregory the Illuminator Church, built in 1033 by Grigor Magistros. The signage of the southern entrance proves the date of the construction. The monastery has been repeatedly destroyed and renovated over the centuries.

S. Nshan Church the outer garment is restrained, the eastern front is designed with two "Armenian hollows", and the windows are open to the stage. The Catholic Church is rectangular, with a cross-shaped domed building, with two-storeyed tombs in four corners. Catholicos is one of the most magnificent churches in Kecharis monastery. At the same time, Kecharis monastery is in harmony with the landscape.

Hrazdan reservoir is located on the Hrazdan River in the city of the same name. The was launched in 1953. The surface area is 17 km² and the water level is 5, 6 million m3. Feeds from Hrazdan and Marmarik rivers. The maximum height is 14.5m. It's frozen in winter.

Kotayk province is considered to be a mountainous and sea-level surface at an altitude of about 1200-3597m. Most mountainous areas occupy the slopes of the Geghama Mountains. The region is rich in varieties of plants, shrubs, forest-covered vegetation and coniferous forests. Our range of flora and fauna is widely used for bee-keeping and herbal medicine. It meets: nettle, ox, tongue white, chamomile, faded, cutlery, clover, flax, honeycomb, jaundice, etc. As thyroid, thyme, thyme, and thyme are used as tea.

Arzakan-Meghradzor Reserve is a Protected Natural Territory, created in 1971. It has an area of 13,532 hectares and is considered one of the 27 sanctuaries in Armenia. It is located in the Kotayk region, in the basin of the Dalar and Marmarik rivers, at a height of 1600-2100 m above sea level, on the eastern slopes of the Tsaghkunyats mountains. It has been created for the protection of forests of wild animals, buckwheat, billiard, gray bear, Caucasian heron and other animals. In the forests of the Arzakan Wildlife Range, extremely rare animal species are encountered in the Red Book of the Republic of Armenia

Safety and Security
Ucom and MTS Armenia Telecom connections are available anywhere. In case of accident contact 911 emergency service. Beware of sheep and smell.

Technical parameters
Length: 28.4 km
Duration: 5 hours 41 min
Altitude above the sea level: 1727-2800-1535 m
50% of the road is asphalt, the rest 50 % is a land grinding.
Take a bottle of water with you.

How to get to the route
To get to the above mentioned mountain skiing route should be done by arriving in Hrazdan city, Kotayk province. It’s better to travel by taxi. The cost is AMD 5500. Taxies throughout Armenia are quite affordable. Please use taxies with speedometers.


PictographWaypoint Altitude 5,599 ft


PictographWaypoint Altitude 5,597 ft


PictographWaypoint Altitude 6,666 ft


PictographWaypoint Altitude 8,736 ft


PictographWaypoint Altitude 6,617 ft


PictographWaypoint Altitude 4,975 ft



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