From Goghtanik to Malishka


Trail photos

Photo ofFrom Goghtanik to Malishka Photo ofFrom Goghtanik to Malishka Photo ofFrom Goghtanik to Malishka


Trail stats

15.78 mi
Elevation gain
2,592 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
4,285 ft
Max elevation
7,826 ft
Min elevation
3,975 ft
Trail type
One Way
November 29, 2018
November 2018
7,826 ft
3,975 ft
15.78 mi

near Goght’anik, Vayotsʼ Dzor (አርሜኒያ)

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Trail photos

Photo ofFrom Goghtanik to Malishka Photo ofFrom Goghtanik to Malishka Photo ofFrom Goghtanik to Malishka

Itinerary description

Biking trail description
This trail is located in Goghtanik village of Vayots Dzor province that comes up by the serpentine and reaches to 2385 m altitude from the sea level then does down to Malishka village. On the way bikers can see the St Khach church in Arkaz, where they can drink spring water.

Monuments description
Before the bike riding, bikers can visit Areni 1 cave, Noravank Monastery and Spitakavor church.

Areni 1 cave the oldest winery in the world 6th millennium BC
The worldwide known 5500 years old leather shoe was discovered here. The age of the shoe was defined in the scientific laboratories of Oxford and California.
Noravank Monastery constructed in the 13th-century, located in a narrow gorge made by the Amaghu River. The gorge is known for its tall, sheer, brick-red cliffs, that made the terrain incredibly wonderful.
Spitakavor monastery constructed in the 14th-century and consider as a Armenian monastic complex. The Monastery is located on the slopes of Teksar mountain and has a difficult terrain, but the monastery can be reached either on foot or with an all-terrain vehicle. It is about 8.4 kilometers (5.2 mi) from the University of Gladzor's Museum and Tanahat Monastery and about 6 kilometers (3.7 mi) to the Proshaberd fortress

The region is very rich with wild and colorful flowers. Some species are included in the Red Book of Armenia.
The province is known due to the rare endemic animals such as bezoar goats, mouflons, Caucasian bears, wild pigs, panthers etc. Here bikers can see snakes and other reptiles.

The mobile connections of Ucom and Viva Cell-MTS functions with interruptions. In case of emergency, call 911 or 112. Be aware of leashed-off dogs in the villages.

Trail technical parameters
Best period: May-October
Distance: 148 km from Yerevan
Duration: 2 hours 32 min
Bike trail length: 25.3 km
Ride duration: 4 hours
Altitude from the see level: 1845-2343-1180 m
Take bottled water with you

How to reach to the trail
First of all, the bikers must reach to Goghtanik village by car. Please, use taxi service with taximeters.


PictographWaypoint Altitude 3,975 ft

Finish Malishka

PictographWaypoint Altitude 5,365 ft


PictographWaypoint Altitude 7,822 ft

Starting downhill

PictographWaypoint Altitude 5,686 ft

Starting MTB Goghtanik


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