Daegu South Korea, East Daegu



Trail stats

15.69 mi
Elevation gain
2,280 ft
Technical difficulty
Very difficult
Elevation loss
2,280 ft
Max elevation
702 ft
Min elevation
150 ft
Trail type
December 14, 2008
December 2008
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near Chisan, Daegu (South Korea)

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Itinerary description

An epic 25km route that starts at a nice parking place, goes up metal stairs into onto the local hiking paths. Go over Dooribong tunnel, up the steep hill, take a left at the trail signs, follow ridge line trails down to road, left at small road, right on 6 lane, right past subway, follow cement road to pond, far side of pond, up tractor trail, over ridge line, down to highway, right on road, go to top of road, look for trail head just past the top on the right, go up the grass trail, up the rope, along ridge and up, along ridge, down, across swamp, stay right till road, follow gravel road till a T, go right, then left past the tractor, up to road, left on road, left 50 M before gate, straight to the fire tower, down the fire break, left at the top, down to road, left to resturant, right then left and up, right at the 4 way trail intersection, take a right just before road, up hill, left at half way to top, left at top, follow ridge, go right at the rest area, go down steep. Right on road, right at T intersection, right at big intersection, straight to start point


PictographWaypoint Altitude 324 ft

Start Point Lots of parking

Start Point

PictographWaypoint Altitude 169 ft

Water Point

This is the only store along the way, there are more stores, but out of the way.


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