Bali Trail #2


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Photo ofBali Trail #2 Photo ofBali Trail #2 Photo ofBali Trail #2


Trail stats

19.98 mi
Elevation gain
676 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
4,147 ft
Max elevation
4,535 ft
Min elevation
944 ft
Trail type
One Way
5 hours 41 minutes
October 1, 2012
September 2012
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4,535 ft
944 ft
19.98 mi

near Banjar Bubung, Provinsi Bali (Indonesia)

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Trail photos

Photo ofBali Trail #2 Photo ofBali Trail #2 Photo ofBali Trail #2

Itinerary description

Group riding of 10 cyclists from Kintamani area to Klungkung area lead by local guide Mr. Ajus Purnamadi.
By cars we left hotel at Legian about 7 am and arrived at start point on the top hill in front of Mount Abang Temple, Village Abang, about 8.30 am. We start cycling at 9 and finished on 2.40 pm at Village Tangkup near Klungkung.
The trail is very interesting and challenging where advance technical skill is a must. Although the trail has minor step up hills but we got exhausted due to extra power needed to cope the sand and fine gravel tracks along the first half way. On the way down to the end point the trail at asphalt road need more attention as some damaged road are slippery by sand and loose fine gravel.
We got our lunch at Lereng Agung Besakih Restaurant that has good food and nice view of surroundings valley and Mount Agung in faraway.
Anyway, this is one of the nicest mtb trail you will get in Bali.
If one day you will come and try this trail, I recommend you to be guided by Mr. Ajus Purnamadi (contact at BlackBerry PIN 284A4BF6 or phone nbr +628123969386). Either you are an mtb athlete or beginner, he can lead you and select the best trail to suit your riding capability and character. Also with a guide you will get the most effective, efficient time and correct trail without get lost, as well as to get short exit way when emergency case happened.


PictographWaypoint Altitude 4,451 ft



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  • Photo of Kutniy
    Kutniy Mar 25, 2017

    Can it be done on motorbike?

  • Photo of D G D
    D G D Jul 18, 2017

    Kutniy, there is a small creek and narrow trail at paddy field that motorbike can not go through. We lift our bikes in this place.

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