Aparan Water Reservoir, Teghenis 1 Mountain (2,851m), Aghveran


Trail photos

Photo ofAparan Water Reservoir, Teghenis 1 Mountain (2,851m), Aghveran Photo ofAparan Water Reservoir, Teghenis 1 Mountain (2,851m), Aghveran Photo ofAparan Water Reservoir, Teghenis 1 Mountain (2,851m), Aghveran


Trail stats

14.59 mi
Elevation gain
2,703 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
2,283 ft
Max elevation
8,403 ft
Min elevation
6,032 ft
Trail type
One Way
4 hours 10 minutes
December 13, 2016
June 2016
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8,403 ft
6,032 ft
14.59 mi

near Kerukard, Aragatsotn (አርሜኒያ)

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Trail photos

Photo ofAparan Water Reservoir, Teghenis 1 Mountain (2,851m), Aghveran Photo ofAparan Water Reservoir, Teghenis 1 Mountain (2,851m), Aghveran Photo ofAparan Water Reservoir, Teghenis 1 Mountain (2,851m), Aghveran

Itinerary description

Mountain Biking Trail Description
This trail is in the Aragatsotn province, which is a real paradise for biking trails. Nowadays, the province is silent, but many centuries ago life was truly in full swing here. The silence of these green spaces and dilapidated churches is sometimes interrupted by the trill of birds. Aparan Lake is located in the center of the Aragats and Teghenis 1 mountains. The trail begins at the entrance of the Aparan Water Reservoir, where you can get to by taxi. Entering the territory of the Reservoir you will see the Saint Poghos-Petros Church (St. Paul and Peter Church) on the left. The area experiences sunny days most of the year and is a favorable location for biking, walking and other recreation activities. The trail passes through fields, lush green meadows and a forest, until it gradually reaches the top of the mountain (2,851m). The downward biking trail is on the opposite side of the mountain, passing through forests and reaching the ‘Aghveran’ National Park and then ‘Arthur’s Resort’. Lorutaget is a small river without a bridge, which you will have to cross three times. The trail ends at the territory of ‘Arthur’s Resort’.

Monuments description
Aparan Water Reservoir is a blue mountain lake of a medium depth, surrounded by high snowy peaks, lightly forested, with ancient monasteries and khachkars (cross-stones). The Reservoir is 50m deep and 200m long, and freezes during the winter. The main fish in the lake are the local Salmo. The Khasakh and Zovuni villages were flooded by the water reservoir, and the inhabitants were resettled near Yerevan.

Surb Poghos-Petros Church (St. Paul and Peter Church) was constructed in the 5th century and was the first example of Armenian church building architecture of its kind, with a domed hall and basilica layout. In the 6th century, the temple was reconstructed by prince Grigor Gntuni. Mighty domed wall pylons were attached to the longitudinal walls of the domed church, and the altar was made rectangular from the outside and arched from the inside. This church stands underwater for 3-4 months a year, which is why the eastern wall has collapsed.

There are numerous flowers in the meadows, which change in color and shape with every kilometer. Here you can see such species as dapple, chamomile, forget-me-not, violets, and flowering thorns. That’s why apiculture does so well in Armenia. There are also edible herbs (falcaria, nettle, lily, tragopogon pratensis), which the residents of the community gather in spring. Armenia also exports tea herbs growing in the fields, like thyme, mint, teucrium polium and felty germander, among others.

In beautiful meadows, wheat fields, and from the slopes up to the top of mountains, especially in the territory of the Aparan Reservoir, and the dilapidated monuments there, you can come across such reptiles as snakes (viper, grass snake), lizards, frogs in marshy spots, bears, rabbits, wolves, foxes and other animals in the forests. There are also such birds like the forest and field lark, screech owl, quail, Lanius senator, and more.

Safety and Security
A mobile connection is always available in the territory of the trail (Aparan Water Reservoir and Teghenis 1 Mountain). Swimming is not prohibited in the Aparan Reservoir, because it is intended for irrigation. In case of emergency, call 911, a service available throughout Armenia. Beware of dogs guarding flocks of sheep.

Technical parameters
Best period: April – October
Distance: 65km from Yerevan
Duration: 1hr. and 30min.
Biking trail length: 23.3km.
Ride duration: 5-6 hours.
Altitude from sea level: 1,833-2700m
100% of the road is covered by sandstones.
The best drink to have on hand is bottled water.

How to Reach the Trail
To reach the above-mentioned trail, you need to get to the Aparan Reservoir. It is most convenient to travel by taxi. Taxi services are quite affordable throughout Armenia. We recommend taking a cab with a taximeter.


PictographWaypoint Altitude 6,032 ft


PictographWaypoint Altitude 6,176 ft


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