Aegina (Αίγινα) MTB Cross-Country / Enduro tour


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Photo ofAegina (Αίγινα) MTB Cross-Country / Enduro tour Photo ofAegina (Αίγινα) MTB Cross-Country / Enduro tour Photo ofAegina (Αίγινα) MTB Cross-Country / Enduro tour


Trail stats

22.27 mi
Elevation gain
2,828 ft
Technical difficulty
Very difficult
Elevation loss
2,762 ft
Max elevation
1,000 ft
72 5
Min elevation
18 ft
Trail type
One Way
5 hours 40 minutes
April 20, 2015
April 2015
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1,000 ft
18 ft
22.27 mi

near Aegina, Attica (Greece)

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Trail photos

Photo ofAegina (Αίγινα) MTB Cross-Country / Enduro tour Photo ofAegina (Αίγινα) MTB Cross-Country / Enduro tour Photo ofAegina (Αίγινα) MTB Cross-Country / Enduro tour

Itinerary description

Beautiful tour across Aegina / Αίγινα (Greece), including some of the island's most famous sights such as the orthodox church Agios Nektarios, churches and ruins of Paleochora, ancient greek Temple of Aphaea, and picturesque mountain village of Pachia Rachi. Optional beach visit!

The tour avoids the main roads and goes for a maximum of off-road fun (unpaved roads, steep climbs, rocky tracks, single tracks, and even some enduro fun). Proper driving skills and a full-suspension CC or Enduro MTB are mandatory!

Technical difficulty: 4/5 (offroad skills, driving on loose rocks etc.)
Power: 3/5 (some steep climbs but not an endurance contest)
Beauty of landscape: 5/5

Bring at least 2 water bottles, and wear a helmet!

+++ Detailled description +++

START at the old town of Aegina and find the crossroads with the small church (see track point). Follow the side roads through olive groves and green gardens. A first steep climb will lead you to another chapel and later on, to an abandoned ruin at the edge of the forest. The paved road ends at some point, just move on and follow the single track through the forest.

You will soon reach the village of Kondos (Κοντός) with its huge orthodox church, Agios Nektarios. After a couple hundred meters on the main road, follow the sign left to Paleochora and have a quick rest at the hill to the right, which is full of ancient chapels.

After only a few more meters on the paved road, leave for the next forest track to the right. Enjoy some uphill and downhill fun until you arrive at Mesagros (Μεσαγρός). Follow the GPS track which will lead you to unpaved, somewhat rocky tracks that run parallel to the main road. You will meet the main road just a few hundred meters before the Temple of Aphaea. The temple is worth a visit and offers a stunning view across the island, to other islands and to the mainland and Athens. There's also a shop where you can buy more water.

Right after the temple area, leave the paved road by taking a sharp right turn, and enjoy more offroad fun including a nice downhill ride. Once you arrived in the valley, the GPS track will lead you to another forest track that ends up in some enduro-motocycle racetrack. When I did the tour, I had it all for myself :)

At the end of the enduro track, you will meet a paved road. Turn left. After only a couple of hundred meters, leave to the right and climb up the rocky forest road next to a stunning wilderness gorge. Almost on top of the mountain, you can decide for an optional detour to a nearby beach (for details, check the map - I didn't take the option because it started to drizzle). Keep climbing to the highest point of the tour (appr. 305 meters above sea level).

Again there are a few hundred meters of paved road. You may take a quick detour and visit the nearby ruins of a Zeus temple (but to be honest, there's not much left except some foundations next to a tiny chapel, which are hard to make out on the rocky ground).

On the paved road, take the first left turn for the picturesque mountain village of Pachia Rachi (Παχειά Ράχι). At the end of the village, an unpaved and rocky downhill will take you all the way down to the coast. Leave the busy coastal road as soon as possible, and take one of the smaller roads next to it. If you happen to pass an abandoned Volkswagen Bus, say hello from me :)

The tour ends at the old town of Aegina.


PictographReligious site Altitude 101 ft

Street crossing with a small Church

PictographReligious site Altitude 377 ft

Small chapel

PictographWaypoint Altitude 669 ft

Abandoned building / ruin

Temple of Aphaea

PictographWaypoint Altitude 630 ft

Forest hut

PictographDead-end street Altitude 455 ft

Go right (the small trail into the forest is a dead end)

The small trail into the forest looked promising, but turned out to be a dead end. Go right immediately.

PictographReligious site Altitude 286 ft

Another chapel

PictographFountain Altitude 310 ft
Photo ofWellspring


You may refill your water bottles here, though I haven't tried the water and I'm not 100% sure it's drinkable.

Optional: Detour to beach

Optional: short detour to Zeus temple ruins

If you go left and then right again, there are ruins of an ancient Zeus temple nearby, next to a small chapel on the mountainside. Don't expect too much; there's not much left of the temple except for the foundation.

PictographWaypoint Altitude 749 ft

Picturesque mountain village Pachia Rachi

PictographWaypoint Altitude 68 ft

Aegina Old Town / End of tour

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  • Photo of nikostheos
    nikostheos Sep 3, 2017

    Thanks kernpanik! We have done the first part of the route and we ended our trip to Agia Marina. We will come back for the full route.

  • Photo of kernpanik
    kernpanik Sep 4, 2017

    Happy to hear that! :)

  • Photo of arion
    arion Jun 9, 2019

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Exactly what I needed for today. Excellent route. Loved it. Sorry, was not looking for the VW, might have missed it....

  • Photo of Chanlibel گردنه مه آلود
    Chanlibel گردنه مه آلود Oct 5, 2021

    very beautiful route

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