Woodworth Loop


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12.94 mi
Elevation gain
2,454 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
2,546 ft
Max elevation
367 ft
Min elevation
79 ft
Trail type
May 31, 2008
May 2008
367 ft
79 ft
12.94 mi

near Vortex (historical), Louisiana (United States)

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Trail photos

Photo ofWoodworth Loop Photo ofWoodworth Loop Photo ofWoodworth Loop

Itinerary description

This is definitely the meanest trail out here. I am marking it difficult, not because it is brutal, or treacherous, but because it is for the advanced rider. (way beyond my capability, but I will do my best to describe the trail)

At some point the trail is as wide as a pave road and when I rode it there were freshly graded areas. Tackle the trail counter-clockwise though. I can't say what was custom but I did the same and saw no opposing traffic. Thankfully so, because there were so many places, I mean nearly the entire way, to just do nothing but thrash from side to side, I had to be careful. It was amazing. Really steep embankments made runs really fast, so direction is important.

There were much more bikes than four wheelers on the loop so it may be specific, although when exiting I talked to a few riders and they said they had their four wheelers out there. He was complaining about hitting a stump and bending a wheel axel.

I always thought four wheelers and bikes had disadvantages and advantages. Four wheelers can stop and handle sand really well. Bikes have the option to choose lanes and hardly bother ever stopping. But the primarily sand track made this loop difficult for me. At times I hit a sand cut and before the front tire dug into the ground for traction, I was hitting the track sideways, eventually throwing me off the track over the side. All in all I walked away from the track with a thrown count of 5 and one really nasty exhaust burn. I rode the north look track the same day and was treated like a newbie.

I marked the pits on the map, not necessarily representing the track, though if you feel comfortable in the pits you should feel comfortable on the track. I would have like to map the rest of the track, but most of my fuel was spent, batteries started complaining to me, and it was too hot to film anything (sorry, no photos either). I bailed at the "to Lorain Camp" sign. I don’t think I'll do this one again without company, so I hope you like the track I did submit

I'll reiterate: Primarily sand and secondary hard red clay. Plenty of thrasability with sharp turns and 8 foot single lain embankments. A few 50 foot trenched 70 degree drop offs with escape round about routes. Did I mention the obstacles?


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