Titan Rocks from Piano Flat


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Photo ofTitan Rocks from Piano Flat Photo ofTitan Rocks from Piano Flat Photo ofTitan Rocks from Piano Flat


Trail stats

9.78 mi
Elevation gain
3,606 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
3,606 ft
Max elevation
4,118 ft
Min elevation
663 ft
Trail type
5 hours 11 minutes
March 26, 2023
March 2023
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near Coal Creek Flat, Otago (New Zealand)

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Trail photos

Photo ofTitan Rocks from Piano Flat Photo ofTitan Rocks from Piano Flat Photo ofTitan Rocks from Piano Flat

Itinerary description

The Titan Rocks track is one of the official DOC tracks that can be done from Piano Flat campsite. The campsite lies along the Waikaia river.

To get to the start of the Titan Rocks track itself first we need to follow the Waikaia River track for 2 Kilometers. The Waikaia River track starts right at the campsite by crossing the swinging bridge over the Waikaia river. After walking the two kilometres upstream along the river we will find a DOC signpost indicating the start of the Titan Rocks track. The signpost says 3.5 Km to the summit and estimates 6 hours to the summit and back. WARNING: This is not correct, the real distance to the summit from that point is 5.9 Kilometers. Someone has tried to write 5 Km on top of the 3.5 Km number on the signpost.
At this spot we make a left, leave the river behind and start our ascent.

The Titan Rocks track itself can be divided into two parts: inside the forest and outside the forest.

  • The first part, inside the forest, is 4.7 Km. It is well-marked and easy to follow. There are enough orange markers along the way and it is also quite obvious which way to go by looking at the ground. The only thing that makes it harder or slower to walk is the numerous fallen trees over the track. We will be crossing a couple of small rivers.
    After exactly 5 Km from the beginning of the track, or 3 Km from the Titan Rocks track signpost left turn, we find a signpost that clearly indicates to make a left turn to continue inside the forest. Even though continuing straight looks like the right thing to do, don't do it. Follow your gps and make a left turn.
    We continue for another 1.6 km where we find a bit of not-so-dense forest and also a few clear spaces until we finally get out of the forest.

  • The second part, out on the clear to the Titan Rocks summit, is only a bit over 1 Km. What looked like easy terrain from below turned out to be more challenging because of how high the vegetation is and also because it gets steep in some parts. On top of that, the orange poles marking the track are not easy to find or missing altogether. Check your GPS frequently to ensure you are walking in the right direction which doesn't always seem obvious. This is even more important if there are low clouds like the day I was there. You will find yourself walking quite slowly on this terrain until you reach the summit.
    At the Titan Rocks summit you will find some rocks and once you get on top of them the views are spectacular. The clouds only allowed me to see the north and west sides and I can imagine the south and east sides to be equally magnificent. The top part is quite a big flat area.

To get back to Piano Flat campsite we follow the same track that took us to the summit.

Full description and more pictures at Back from Summit: Titan Rocks

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PictographWaypoint Altitude 1,636 ft

River 1

PictographWaypoint Altitude 1,660 ft

River 2

PictographWaypoint Altitude 2,235 ft
Photo ofSignpost 2hr to summit

Signpost 2hr to summit

PictographCampsite Altitude 718 ft
Photo ofStart and end of track (Piano Flat campsite) Photo ofStart and end of track (Piano Flat campsite) Photo ofStart and end of track (Piano Flat campsite)

Start and end of track (Piano Flat campsite)

PictographSummit Altitude 4,118 ft
Photo ofTitan Rocks (1254 m) Photo ofTitan Rocks (1254 m) Photo ofTitan Rocks (1254 m)

Titan Rocks (1254 m)

PictographWaypoint Altitude 0 ft
Photo ofTitan Rocks track signpost

Titan Rocks track signpost

Wood, forest


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