Sysertskaya Sotnya (Сысертская сотня)


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Photo ofSysertskaya Sotnya (Сысертская сотня) Photo ofSysertskaya Sotnya (Сысертская сотня) Photo ofSysertskaya Sotnya (Сысертская сотня)


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68.59 mi
Elevation gain
2,940 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
2,940 ft
Max elevation
1,204 ft
Min elevation
651 ft
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March 14, 2023
October 2022
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1,204 ft
651 ft
68.59 mi

near Kolos, Свердловская область (Россия)

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Trail photos

Photo ofSysertskaya Sotnya (Сысертская сотня) Photo ofSysertskaya Sotnya (Сысертская сотня) Photo ofSysertskaya Sotnya (Сысертская сотня)

Itinerary description

The only ring bike trail in the Urals that passes through cultural and historical sights and natural objects.

Key points of the route: Key points of the route: creative cluster “Na Zavode” — Mount Bessonova — Upper Sysert dam — Garnet pit — Mount Gladkaya — Lake Bagaryak — Mountain Lysaya — Lake Shchelkun — Shchelkun Fortress (TIC)— Abramovsky incision — the path of health.

Sysert is a settlement that arose as a factory town, whose life was shaped by the extraction and smelting of iron. The settlement was officially founded in 1732. At that moment, the main lock of the newly built dam of the Sysert iron foundry was opened.

The Creative Cluster “At the Factory” is a creative space in the building of the once abandoned ironworks of the Turchaninov—Solomirsky dynasty. Mount Bessonova is one of the most visited places in Sysert. Every year thousands of people climb it to admire the views of the whole city from a height of 310 meters. Its top is decorated with a 12-meter cast-iron memorial cross.

Bazhovsky Places is a nature park created with the aim of preserving natural diversity and developing ecological and educational tourism. He is named after the famous Ural writer Pavel Petrovich Bazhov. It is here that the famous Talkov Kamen Lake is located. The peculiarity of this lake is that it appeared due to the anthropogenic impact of man - once there was a quarry here, and talc was extracted, which was used for the manufacture of refractory materials for the factories of the then Sysert mining district.
Much Smoother is an interesting location for travelers and guests of the Sysertskaya Hundred trail after a long hike. From its top (409 m.), a fascinating view opens on the southern outskirts of the Sysertsky urban district, up to the peaks of the neighboring region, and the Kaslin-Sysertsky ridge also appears to the eye. On its top, local farmers have equipped an observation deck with a gazebo where you can relax after a long walk and climb.

The village of Kosmakova is a settlement located on the shore of Lake Bagaryak, very close to the Bazhovsky Places Nature Park. The village was founded in the first half of the 18th century as the village of Kazmakovo, marked on the map of 1722. Now a network of capillary trails is being created for the villagers within the framework of the Sysert Hundred, the entrance group to the Bazhovsky Places Park. At the moment, trails for walking with children and birdwatching are ready. The route for bird watching is listed in the Welcome to Ural audio guide, which aggregates tourist routes for the Sverdlovsk region.

The Abramovsky section is a reservoir located near the village of Abramovsky. It also has a man-made origin and also originated on the site of an old mine for the extraction of brown ironstone. By the mid-20s, the quarry was abandoned due to the technical difficulties of processing and mining. Nowadays, the place is popular among vacationers, because the lake is surrounded by a dense forest.

Gulyaev Cardon — in tsarist times, an inn stood in its place, since this road, passing through the forest and swamps, connected the suburb of Yekaterinburg with the village of Bagaryak in the Chelyabinsk region and had the second name Bagaryatsky tract. Now a small recreation center of the same name is located here.

HOLZAN Bird of Prey Rehabilitation Center and Wolf Nursery — the location is located in the village of Kashino, which is not far from Sysert. This is a place of residence of rare birds, as well as animals that are threatened with extinction. It is here that the guests of the trail will be able to get acquainted up close with all the diversity of the wild nature of the Urals. Falcons, eagle owls, Himalayan and black vultures, vultures and other 100 animals are waiting for guests. In addition, a Wolf Center was created on the basis of Holzan, in which the Ural businessman Kirill Potapov tamed wolves.

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