Sommet de lure loop



Trail stats

7.2 mi
Elevation gain
2,474 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
2,536 ft
Max elevation
6,002 ft
Min elevation
4,971 ft
Trail type
3 hours 40 minutes
September 1, 2009
September 2009
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near Cruis, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (France)

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Itinerary description

Nice loop over the summit and trough the forest.

Warning: Can be quite windy in the first part. Some ear protection may be handy.
Hiking boots recommended, on this sometimes rocky path.
It will be 8-10 C cooler up there. We hiked this one in early September with 20C and clear skies, perfect. It was 29-30C below.

Start at the parking at Pas de la Graille. (large sign)
Walk uphill along the road for a couple of meters, until your reach the sign White-Red GR 6 that goes to the right. Go uphill on a rocky path.

At B the return trail comes from the left below.
Follow the trail along the windy rim, with excellent views.
You can see the antenna and disks of several communication stations.

At point C, Signal de Lure, the largest of them all, go along the barbed wire left or right.
But keep right along the rim (but keep you distance from the edge). And don't go to the main road below.
Now head for another antenna a bit downhill and uphill again crossing a small asphalt access road.
After the last antenna station, the path is White-Red marked and goes steeply down on a stretch with a lot of loose rock. Be careful...
Down, meeting the main road, go on a gravel road uphill at a sign, prohibiting any vehicles.

Over the top go down along the abandoned ski lifts. Look for the White-Red markings. The trail goes more to the left and downhill towards to abandoned ski station.

At D there is another sign towards the abandoned ski station.

The BAR sign is still there, but it looks quit abandoned.
This is also the alternative starting point. Point E Station (Refuge) de Lure. But we couldn't find the name anywhere.

You can walk back along the main road, there is very little traffic.
But that is not what we had in mind. At the station go East downhill towards an abandoned ski lift below. Go right and next to the left uphill over what was once the RED piste. The signs are still there and it's an easy stretch to go uphill.
Next head for the rocky / gravel hill that heads in the direction of the main road. You can see obvious trails from goat?? and uphill you see large cairns.

Next you hit a Forrest road coming from the main road. So if you don't want to go cross country up to this point, you could have followed the main road up to this point.

Now you should have a GPS or a decent map.
The forrest road goes downhill (South to SouthWest) on an excellent path.
There are some crossings, as the trail goes to the left and at a 4 way crossing, go strait ahead.

At last, the trail goes uphill again and is still in an excellent condition.
The trail appears to have been marked some time ago, fist white, later on yellow.

Going uphill, suddenly the Forrest disappears into a clearing. The path is still well marked with cairns, stones and even markers.
To the left you can see the antenna again.

Keep heading on this trail (North West). A lot of Goat?? trails and at what looks like a dry pool with some poles, go left around it, following the markers.

At point F there is even a sign again. Look for the obvious trail, that can be best seen from a distance. Go uphill and cross the main road at point G.
Go uphill again, as we shortly thereafter meet the trail leading back to the car.


PictographCar park Altitude 5,254 ft

A Parking

A Parking

PictographWaypoint Altitude 5,638 ft

B Xing

B Xing

PictographWaypoint Altitude 5,430 ft

D Xing

D Xing

PictographCar park Altitude 5,237 ft

E Parking

E Parking

PictographWaypoint Altitude 5,396 ft

F Xing

F Xing

PictographWaypoint Altitude 5,514 ft

G Road

G Road

PictographWaypoint Altitude 5,984 ft

C Signal

C Signal


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