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Photo ofSoldeu - Siscaro - Soldeu Photo ofSoldeu - Siscaro - Soldeu Photo ofSoldeu - Siscaro - Soldeu


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6.66 mi
Elevation gain
2,631 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
2,631 ft
Max elevation
8,458 ft
54 5
Min elevation
5,887 ft
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July 16, 2016
July 2016
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8,458 ft
5,887 ft
6.66 mi

near Soldeu, Canillo (Andorra)

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Trail photos

Photo ofSoldeu - Siscaro - Soldeu Photo ofSoldeu - Siscaro - Soldeu Photo ofSoldeu - Siscaro - Soldeu

Itinerary description

This track starts in Soldeu behind the hotels and goes into the Incles Valley, but high above on the hillside. It is a roundtrip which passes between two of the Siscaro lakes before it enters the pass De Les Vaques and down back to the hotels. At this pass the track takes a small sidetrip to the highest point.
The flowers on the tour are breathtaking and you will for certain be stimulated to take many pictures. The tour is surrounded by magnificient mountains.


PictographIntersection Altitude 6,499 ft
Photo ofCross


The word Soldeu is prononced with an "o" at the end. The word really means Sun of the God. The track has followed a road for some time and takes now to the right as a path.

PictographMountain pass Altitude 8,424 ft
Photo ofPass De Les Vaques

Pass De Les Vaques

When we look back at this pass, we have a view over the Siscaro Lakes. This track now follows the ridge shortly to the top of the mountain. But it is instead possible to follow a path further down against the river Riu Gros and back to Sortenu.

PictographPhoto Altitude 6,203 ft
Photo ofFlowers Photo ofFlowers Photo ofFlowers


Already at the beginning of the track above Soldeu we meet several flowers.

PictographPhoto Altitude 7,094 ft
Photo ofRhododendron and big Mountains Photo ofRhododendron and big Mountains Photo ofRhododendron and big Mountains

Rhododendron and big Mountains

The whole area is covered with an enormous amount of red Rhododendron ferrugineum flowers. And at the same time we see big mountains not far from us. This is quite overwhelming.

PictographPhoto Altitude 7,312 ft
Photo ofMore flowers Photo ofMore flowers Photo ofMore flowers

More flowers

Everywhere we can see many beautiful flowers.

PictographBridge Altitude 6,444 ft

Riu Gros Bridge

PictographRiver Altitude 7,770 ft
Photo ofRiu Gros River Photo ofRiu Gros River Photo ofRiu Gros River

Riu Gros River

Our path meets here the direct path over the pass De Les Vaques. And the many different flowers can be found almost everywhere.

PictographLake Altitude 7,635 ft
Photo ofSiscaro (Baix) Lakes Photo ofSiscaro (Baix) Lakes Photo ofSiscaro (Baix) Lakes

Siscaro (Baix) Lakes

Here we pass some small lakes. The biggest has living fishes which can be seen at the surface. It is a nice place to take a little swim, but it is not a deep lake. The red Rhododendron flowers cover the whole area under a mountain nearby. It is possible to make this track longer with a walk to another lake on a path just north of this lake. The path is now heading against the pass De Les Vaques above us. And new plants make the trip up to the pass quite easy.

PictographPhoto Altitude 6,486 ft
Photo ofSola de Soldeu

Sola de Soldeu

This is a view point near the track.

PictographSummit Altitude 8,454 ft
Photo ofTop of the ridge

Top of the ridge

This is a small top with a natural place for taking photographs. This track returns to the "Highway" over the Pass.

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    badsyntax Dec 13, 2016

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    This is an excellent route, magnificent mountains and scenery. We attempted this route in winter but decided to turn back at the Pass De Les Vaques pass as we were running out of daylight. There's a steep incline to get to the ridge on the top and it is really dangerous in winter. You definitely need the right equipment if attempting this route in winter. Ice axes and crampons are suggested. I've graded this route as difficult if attempting in winter.

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