Senja Skrollsvik – Lysnes


Trail photos

Photo ofSenja Skrollsvik – Lysnes Photo ofSenja Skrollsvik – Lysnes Photo ofSenja Skrollsvik – Lysnes


Trail stats

57.59 mi
Elevation gain
12,106 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
11,788 ft
Max elevation
2,604 ft
Min elevation
-82 ft
Trail type
One Way
3 days 23 hours 33 minutes
September 9, 2012
August 2012
2,604 ft
-82 ft
57.59 mi

near Skrollsvika, Troms (Norge)

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Trail photos

Photo ofSenja Skrollsvik – Lysnes Photo ofSenja Skrollsvik – Lysnes Photo ofSenja Skrollsvik – Lysnes

Itinerary description

4½-day hike from Skrollsvik to Lysnes, crossing Senja from the southwest to the northeast. Skrollsvik can be reached by speedboat from Harstad and from Lysnes there are speedboats to Tromsø. Check for timetables.

Terrain: Skrollsvik – Å: low-traffic asphalt-road (for me, 3 cars in 90 minutes). Å – Storbunkevatnet, partly trail, partly track, partly cross-country. Storbunkevatnet – Lysvatnet: marked trail. Lysvatnet – Lysbotn: partly track, partly cross-country. Lysbotn – Lysnes: low-traffic asphalt road.

Most of the route is easy. I hiked in late August, for me the river crossings were easy, but earlier in summer they might require wading. In some places markings are poor and I took my own way, in other places the map is incorrect. I found the climb out of Tverrdalen/Doaresvággi (near Kapervatnet) towards Istind/Jieņas quite steep. The northern half is easier than the southern half.


PictographTree Altitude 742 ft
Photo ofCloudberries


Delicious cloudberries

PictographSummit Altitude 2,604 ft
Photo ofNational park boundary

National park boundary

Boundary of Ånderdalen Nasjonalpark and highest point of the route.

PictographIntersection Altitude 190 ft
Photo ofError in map

Error in map

Warning! Turkat Senja Sør (2009) has the first part of the trail through Heggedalen on the wrong side of the river!

PictographMooring point Altitude 15 ft
Photo ofLysnes


Lysnes, where the speedboat to Tromsø departs (check timetables at

PictographLake Altitude 10 ft
Photo ofDay 1, break 1

Day 1, break 1

Short stop at Åvatnet

PictographSummit Altitude 1,162 ft
Photo ofDay 2, lunch

Day 2, lunch

Day 2, lunch

PictographLake Altitude 915 ft
Photo ofDay 2, break 2

Day 2, break 2

Short stop

PictographPanorama Altitude 1,154 ft
Photo ofDay 2, break 3

Day 2, break 3

Short stop

PictographRiver Altitude 321 ft
Photo ofDay 3, break 1, Ånderelva river crossing

Day 3, break 1, Ånderelva river crossing

Short stop after crossing Ånderelva. I took the marked route, which crosses the river about 1 km downstream compared to the route as drawn on Turkart Senja Sør. I don't know how the river crossing is at the place as it is marked on the map.

PictographLake Altitude 355 ft
Photo ofDay 3, lunch

Day 3, lunch

Lunch at Åndervatnet

PictographWaypoint Altitude 678 ft

Day 3, break 3

Short stop

PictographPanorama Altitude 2,208 ft
Photo ofDay 3, break 4 Photo ofDay 3, break 4 Photo ofDay 3, break 4

Day 3, break 4

Short stop, excellent views from Istind/Jieŋas

PictographPanorama Altitude 890 ft
Photo ofDay 4, break 1

Day 4, break 1

Short stop at the pass between Tromdalen and Leirdalen

PictographTree Altitude 471 ft
Photo ofDay 4, lunch

Day 4, lunch

Lunch in Tromdalen

PictographTree Altitude 462 ft
Photo ofDay 4, break 3

Day 4, break 3

Short stop in Sør-Heggedalen

PictographPanorama Altitude 1,063 ft
Photo ofDay 4, break 4 Photo ofDay 4, break 4

Day 4, break 4

Short stop at Ávŋi/Heggtuva, between Sør-Heggdalen and Nord-Heggdalen/Ávčavággi

PictographIntersection Altitude 86 ft
Photo ofDay 5, break 1

Day 5, break 1

Short stop at Lysvatnet/Čáhppesjávri, where I depart from the T-marked route.

PictographTree Altitude 55 ft
Photo ofDay 5, lunch

Day 5, lunch

Lunch above the Lyselva near Bukkemoen. Lots of nice blueberries here.

PictographMountain hut Altitude 537 ft
Photo ofSenjabu


Senjabu unmanned tourist hut (Troms Turlag).

Photo ofSkrollsvik, start of hike

Skrollsvik, start of hike

Start of the hike at Skrollsvika

PictographLake Altitude 371 ft
Photo ofTrimkasse and shelter at Åndervatnet

Trimkasse and shelter at Åndervatnet

Small shelter with trimkasse at Åndervatnet

PictographCampsite Altitude 180 ft
Photo ofCamp 25–26 August Photo ofCamp 25–26 August

Camp 25–26 August

Camp at Stor-Bunkevatnet

PictographCampsite Altitude 1,685 ft
Photo ofCamp 26–27 August Photo ofCamp 26–27 August

Camp 26–27 August

Camp at Blåfjellet

PictographCampsite Altitude 1,234 ft
Photo ofCamp 27–28 August Photo ofCamp 27–28 August

Camp 27–28 August

Camp at Langdalsvatnet

PictographMountain hut Altitude 155 ft
Photo ofShelter 28–29 August

Shelter 28–29 August

Nice little shelter where I spent the night 28–29 August

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