Salento - Santa Rita waterfall


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Photo ofSalento - Santa Rita waterfall Photo ofSalento - Santa Rita waterfall Photo ofSalento - Santa Rita waterfall


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7.65 mi
Elevation gain
1,214 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
1,214 ft
Max elevation
6,624 ft
76 5
Min elevation
5,852 ft
Trail type
Moving time
2 hours 10 minutes
5 hours 36 minutes
March 17, 2022
March 2022
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6,624 ft
5,852 ft
7.65 mi

near Salento, Quindío (Republic of Colombia)

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Trail photos

Photo ofSalento - Santa Rita waterfall Photo ofSalento - Santa Rita waterfall Photo ofSalento - Santa Rita waterfall

Itinerary description

This is a nice walk with challenging sections. It is adviced to have hiking boots as there’s a hard slippery slope section and lots of mud during the whole route. Gym tennis shoes won’t work for this one.

You’ll get to see waterfalls, birds and a long river, present during most of the walk. Tall trees and tall wax palms catch your eyes.


PictographIntersection Altitude 6,490 ft
Photo ofIntersection #1

Intersection #1

Choose the path to the left as the one to the right is private property.

PictographIntersection Altitude 6,371 ft
Photo ofIntersection #2

Intersection #2

We took left as the views were nice. Both paths get to the same point.

PictographPhoto Altitude 6,312 ft
Photo ofEnjoy the view

Enjoy the view

From time to time you can’t help it but stop to enjoy the view, listen the birds and smell the mud.

PictographRisk Altitude 6,234 ft
Photo ofSlippery inclination Photo ofSlippery inclination

Slippery inclination

Be careful here. This path is muddy, steep and slippery. Be extra careful if your shoes are not reliable.

PictographPhoto Altitude 6,155 ft
Photo ofPhoto


Nice path

PictographWaypoint Altitude 5,928 ft
Photo ofJoining the main road

Joining the main road

At this point we rejoin the main road. Careful with the last step down.

PictographIntersection Altitude 5,902 ft
Photo ofHidden path Photo ofHidden path

Hidden path

Once you reach the main road, don’t follow it. Instead, follow the hidden path down.

PictographPhoto Altitude 5,873 ft
Photo ofBamboo trees

Bamboo trees

PictographIntersection Altitude 5,856 ft
Photo ofIntersection #3

Intersection #3

You’ll see a door leading to private property, but continue going down.

PictographIntersection Altitude 5,817 ft
Photo ofIntersection #4

Intersection #4

You’ll reach the main road again. Turn right and follow it for a few meters.

PictographPhoto Altitude 5,801 ft
Photo ofI 3 Salento

I 3 Salento

PictographWaypoint Altitude 5,781 ft
Photo ofYellow Bridge

Yellow Bridge

A bridge over a nice river. This is the same river that comes from Santa Rita waterfall.

PictographIntersection Altitude 5,781 ft
Photo ofIntersection #5

Intersection #5

Leave the main road here, turning right. Starting this point you go up but it’s an easy and wide trail.

PictographPicnic Altitude 5,794 ft
Photo ofLunch break spot

Lunch break spot

If you feel like it, you can use this place to rest and eat while listening to the waters of the strong river.

PictographIntersection Altitude 5,837 ft
Photo ofIntersection #6

Intersection #6

Turn right to the ecologic trail that takes to Santa Rita waterfall.

PictographInformation point Altitude 5,965 ft
Photo ofSanta Rita reservoir entrance Photo ofSanta Rita reservoir entrance Photo ofSanta Rita reservoir entrance

Santa Rita reservoir entrance

This reservoir is a private property, so there’s a charge for using it. As of March 2022, the price is $7000 COP per person.

PictographCave Altitude 6,063 ft
Photo ofCave #1

Cave #1

It’s a bit muddy but there’s a kind of pedestrians path on the left.

PictographIntersection Altitude 6,060 ft
Photo ofIntersection #7

Intersection #7

Take the left part if you are not on horse.

PictographBridge Altitude 6,063 ft
Photo ofHanging bridge #1

Hanging bridge #1

PictographProvisioning Altitude 6,079 ft
Photo ofStand


You can rest and have warm food and beverages here.

PictographBridge Altitude 6,135 ft
Photo ofSecond hanging bridge

Second hanging bridge

PictographWaterfall Altitude 6,201 ft
Photo ofSanta Rita waterfall

Santa Rita waterfall

An amazing sight with a nice breeze.

PictographIntersection Altitude 6,076 ft
Photo ofIntersection #8

Intersection #8

On the way back, instead of using the first bridge, turn left.

PictographIntersection Altitude 5,997 ft
Photo ofIntersection #9 Photo ofIntersection #9

Intersection #9

Left: cave path Right: open path Use the cave path to get to Barranquero waterfall.

PictographCave Altitude 6,093 ft
Photo ofCave #2 Photo ofCave #2

Cave #2

This cave is pretty muddy and dark, so ready your flashlight. It’s not too long to cross.

PictographIntersection Altitude 6,142 ft
Photo ofIntersection #10

Intersection #10

Go left to see a nice waterfall

PictographWaterfall Altitude 6,263 ft
Photo ofBarranquero waterfall Photo ofBarranquero waterfall

Barranquero waterfall

This is a beautiful small waterfall. There’s a path you can take but it’s a bit risky so be careful. If you don’t want to take the risk, go back to the previous intersection and use the other path.

PictographWaterfall Altitude 6,175 ft
Photo ofBarranquero waterfall

Barranquero waterfall

PictographRisk Altitude 6,220 ft
Photo ofRisky path

Risky path

PictographPicnic Altitude 6,109 ft
Photo ofSmall hut Photo ofSmall hut

Small hut

After all forest and caves, a small hit with a view.

PictographDoor Altitude 5,984 ft
Photo ofDoor


This path is a lot muddy if it rains and it seems like a dead end, but continue walking and you’ll find a door.

PictographDoor Altitude 5,958 ft
Photo ofDoor and bridge

Door and bridge

PictographLake Altitude 5,968 ft
Photo ofBathing area

Bathing area

There’s a small section of the river where it’s possible to take a bath.

PictographBus stop Altitude 5,984 ft
Photo ofBus to Salento

Bus to Salento

As the daylight was coming to an end, we decided to go back by bus. The bus can be taken anywhere in the main road, turning left from the yellow bridge.

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  • dfvalero Mar 20, 2022

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Nice one!

  • Martyna Mar 20, 2022

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Beautiful hike, easy to follow. The first part is a bit challenging due to the steep and slippery descent so if you want to avoid it, you can take a bus from Salento, ask the driver to stop at the yellow bridge and start the hike there. Do the same on your way back.

  • Photo of Nighthawk25
    Nighthawk25 Aug 6, 2022

    Very beautiful hike! When we arrived at Santa Rita waterfall we were nearly allone. Bring swimwear because there are some Natural pools! the loop at Santa Rita is pretty steep/chalenging and you dont get much too See exept of the nice jungel.

  • Photo of Nighthawk25
    Nighthawk25 Aug 6, 2022

    You can Skip the First Part by taking a Bus or Taxi from salento. Very nice hike with only a few other Tourist!

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