Rur Valley to the Steling Loop


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Photo ofRur Valley to the Steling Loop Photo ofRur Valley to the Steling Loop Photo ofRur Valley to the Steling Loop


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8.84 mi
Elevation gain
1,283 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
1,283 ft
Max elevation
2,199 ft
67 4.6
Min elevation
1,341 ft
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October 22, 2015
October 2015
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2,199 ft
1,341 ft
8.84 mi

near Burgau, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

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Trail photos

Photo ofRur Valley to the Steling Loop Photo ofRur Valley to the Steling Loop Photo ofRur Valley to the Steling Loop

Itinerary description

The Steling (or Stehling) is the highest point in the Aachen district and a desirable destination on its own. The Steling sits on the edge of the Hohe Venn (a moorland), near the village of Mützenich. It is difficult to say which is the more attractive hiking destination: the Steling or the Rur Valley with the pretty town of Monschau and its pubs. Monschau has very many hiking routes and we hope to have added one more particularly worthwhile trip.

Compared to typical Eifel hikes, the elevation gains from the Rur Valley to the Steling are considerable – 270 meters. Together with the usual up-and-down of trails in this area, there is a total of 430 meters that the hiker has to manage both in ascent and descent.

We start at about the midpoint of the ascent, near the public pool of Monschau. This allows a comfortable ascent to the Steling, a long downhill walk to Monschau with an opportunity for a lengthy rest, before returning energized along the Monschau castle back to the starting point.
In Mützenich we got way-laid by the Thanksgiving Parade of the local farming community. This is a fascinating spectacle, and one ought to reserve the first Sunday in October for a visit.

The summit of the Steling is not particularly remarkable. But there are good views to be had in its vicinity. There is also Kaiser Karl’s Bettstatt (literally: Emperor Karl’s bed – a place where Charles the Great was said to have spent the night, around 800 AD). The trail to Monschau continues on peaceful paths but takes an unusual entry to Monschau through the Laufenbach Valley and the Haller – an old fortification with great views over the stone clad roofs of Monschau.

Take your time for a good rest in Monschau, to collect energy for the final ascent first to the Monschau Castle with great views and back to where you left the car.
This is a loop that can be started at any other point.

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PictographCar park Altitude 1,531 ft

SM 01-Parken

PictographBridge Altitude 1,722 ft

SM 02-Unterführung

PictographIntersection Altitude 1,724 ft

SM 03-Gabel

PictographIntersection Altitude 1,809 ft
Photo ofSM 04-Kreuzung Photo ofSM 04-Kreuzung Photo ofSM 04-Kreuzung

SM 04-Kreuzung

PictographIntersection Altitude 1,823 ft

SM 05-Gabel

PictographIntersection Altitude 1,854 ft

SM 06-Gabel

PictographIntersection Altitude 1,919 ft

SM 07-Kreuzung

PictographIntersection Altitude 1,958 ft

SM 08-Gabel

PictographIntersection Altitude 2,022 ft

SM 09-Gabel

PictographIntersection Altitude 2,027 ft

SM 10-Gabel

PictographIntersection Altitude 2,061 ft

SM 11-Doppelgabel

PictographPanorama Altitude 2,086 ft
Photo ofSM 12-Aussichtsturm

SM 12-Aussichtsturm

PictographIntersection Altitude 2,140 ft

SM 13-Gabel

PictographWaypoint Altitude 2,146 ft
Photo ofSM 14-Kaiser Karl Bettstatt Photo ofSM 14-Kaiser Karl Bettstatt Photo ofSM 14-Kaiser Karl Bettstatt

SM 14-Kaiser Karl Bettstatt

PictographIntersection Altitude 2,159 ft

SM 15-Gabel

PictographSummit Altitude 2,197 ft

SM 16-Steling

PictographPanorama Altitude 2,134 ft
Photo ofSM 17-Eifelblick Photo ofSM 17-Eifelblick

SM 17-Eifelblick

PictographSummit Altitude 2,159 ft

SM 18-Steling 2

PictographIntersection Altitude 2,103 ft

SM 19-Gabel

PictographIntersection Altitude 1,840 ft

SM 20-Kreuzung

PictographIntersection Altitude 1,747 ft

SM 21-Ravel

PictographBridge Altitude 1,656 ft

SM 22-Brücke

PictographWaypoint Altitude 1,659 ft

SM 23-Rochusmühle

PictographReligious site Altitude 1,737 ft
Photo ofSM 24-Wegkreuz

SM 24-Wegkreuz

PictographProvisioning Altitude 1,594 ft

SM 25-Flora

PictographIntersection Altitude 1,603 ft

SM 26-Gabel

PictographIntersection Altitude 1,630 ft

SM 27-Gabel

PictographWaypoint Altitude 1,655 ft

SM 28-Hagard

PictographWaypoint Altitude 1,662 ft
Photo ofSM 29-Fußpfad

SM 29-Fußpfad

PictographIntersection Altitude 1,575 ft

SM 30-Gabel

PictographIntersection Altitude 1,645 ft

SM 31-Gabel

PictographPanorama Altitude 1,584 ft
Photo ofSM 32-Mühlenley

SM 32-Mühlenley

PictographRuins Altitude 1,523 ft
Photo ofSM 33-Haller Photo ofSM 33-Haller Photo ofSM 33-Haller

SM 33-Haller

PictographPanorama Altitude 1,454 ft

SM 34-Halberrmond

PictographBridge Altitude 1,364 ft
Photo ofSM 35-Laufenbach Brücke Photo ofSM 35-Laufenbach Brücke

SM 35-Laufenbach Brücke

PictographIntersection Altitude 1,594 ft
Photo ofSM 36-Gabel links halten Photo ofSM 36-Gabel links halten

SM 36-Gabel links halten

Comments  (3)

  • Eerriikk Feb 13, 2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Very nice route. It was snowing in the hills, which made the environment very beautiful.

  • Photo of kwistax
    kwistax May 26, 2019

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Excellent parcours! Je l'ai commencé à Mützenich. L’arrivée à Monschau par un petit sentier qui passe au pied d'une tour fortifiée est saisissante. Quelle jolie petite ville reliquaire , pleine de recoins pittoresques!
    A faire!

  • Gerben Soepenberg Oct 22, 2021

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Mooie wandeling. De bomen hadden prachtig verkleurde bladeren. Het stuk langs het water was erg mooi, net als Monschau. Het stukje door het andere plaatsje was wat minder, maar ook maar een kort stuk. Al met al een prima wandeling!

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