Rondom 22 Oisterwijkse vennen


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Photo ofRondom 22 Oisterwijkse vennen Photo ofRondom 22 Oisterwijkse vennen Photo ofRondom 22 Oisterwijkse vennen


Trail stats

11.55 mi
Elevation gain
121 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
121 ft
Max elevation
72 ft
78 5
Min elevation
23 ft
Trail type
5 hours 26 minutes
November 4, 2019
October 2019
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72 ft
23 ft
11.55 mi

near Hondsberg, Noord-Brabant (Nederland)

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Trail photos

Photo ofRondom 22 Oisterwijkse vennen Photo ofRondom 22 Oisterwijkse vennen Photo ofRondom 22 Oisterwijkse vennen

Itinerary description

If you like wandering around around waters, fens specifically, this is the hike for you !

Inspired by a text that we read about Oisterwijk boasting 80 fens, this track takes you to 22 of these fens. It also includes a part of the amazing natural reserve of Kampina with its peaceful and extensive waters like Huisvennen, Zandbergse vennen and Kogelvangersven, some of the more familiar fens in that area.
The smaller waters though, like Kromven and Brandven, (of which there are two by that name) are on the other hand just as fantastic and draw fewer people. In fact, even on a wonderfully sunny Sunday we were often the only ones enjoying the many views on the fens.

All in all, much recommendable if you like a more extended walk along the fens than the ones signposted by Natuurmonumenten or those starting from the visitors centre.

As for catering along this trail: there is Boshuis Venkraai and towards the end of the hike, the visitors centre (not waypointed here).


PictographCar park Altitude 58 ft

Parking area

PictographLake Altitude 58 ft
Photo ofVen 1

Ven 1

Voorste Goorven

PictographLake Altitude 53 ft
Photo ofVen 2

Ven 2


PictographLake Altitude 60 ft
Photo ofVen 3 Photo ofVen 3 Photo ofVen 3

Ven 3

Van Esschenven

PictographLake Altitude 45 ft
Photo ofVen 4 Photo ofVen 4

Ven 4


PictographRiver Altitude 48 ft
Photo ofBeek Rosep Photo ofBeek Rosep

Beek Rosep

PictographPicnic Altitude 50 ft
Photo ofBench


PictographLake Altitude 39 ft
Photo ofPalingven Photo ofPalingven


Ven 5 (Kampina)

PictographLake Altitude 49 ft
Photo ofBosven


Ven 6

PictographLake Altitude 42 ft
Photo ofMeeuwenven


Ven 7

PictographLake Altitude 40 ft
Photo ofHuisvennen


Ven 8

PictographLake Altitude 37 ft


Ven 9

PictographLake Altitude 43 ft
Photo ofKogelvangersven Photo ofKogelvangersven


Ven 10

PictographPicnic Altitude 45 ft
Photo ofMooie bank

Mooie bank

PictographLake Altitude 28 ft
Photo ofZandbergse vennen Photo ofZandbergse vennen

Zandbergse vennen

ven 11 with benches

PictographLake Altitude 27 ft
Photo ofBrandven Photo ofBrandven Photo ofBrandven


Ven 12

PictographLake Altitude 27 ft
Photo ofKromven


Ven 13

PictographLake Altitude 39 ft
Photo ofBelversven Photo ofBelversven


Ven 14

PictographPicnic Altitude 48 ft

Mooi gelegen bank

PictographLake Altitude 47 ft
Photo ofGroot Aderven

Groot Aderven

Ven 15

PictographLake Altitude 43 ft
Photo ofKlein Aderven

Klein Aderven

Ven 16

PictographCar park Altitude 49 ft

Parking area

Start of 10,4 and 5,5 and 2 km walks

PictographLake Altitude 59 ft
Photo ofAchterste Goorven

Achterste Goorven

Ven 17

PictographLake Altitude 41 ft
Photo ofVoorste Goorven Photo ofVoorste Goorven

Voorste Goorven

Ven 18

PictographLake Altitude 43 ft
Photo ofKolkven


Ven 19

PictographLake Altitude 53 ft
Photo ofBrandven


Ven 20

PictographLake Altitude 56 ft
Photo ofDiaconieven


Ven 21

PictographLake Altitude 61 ft
Photo ofSpeijckven



Comments  (3)

  • Photo of ron-vanden.broek
    ron-vanden.broek May 1, 2021

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Very nice walk.

  • Photo of WaJe
    WaJe Mar 20, 2023

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Niet echt te begrijpen dat we onderweg zo weinig mensen tegen kwamen. Deze wandeling is super, en al bij al een makkelijke 18.5 kms omdat alles lekker plat is. Veel water langs de Oisterwijkse vennen, en Kampina geeft je dan weer een weidser gevoel met bos, heide en beekdalen.

  • Photo of janetraveller
    janetraveller Mar 20, 2023

    Thanks for your positive comments! Good to hear that you enjoyed this walk, just as much as we did ;)

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