Rogers road circle trail


Trail photos

Photo ofRogers road circle trail Photo ofRogers road circle trail Photo ofRogers road circle trail


Trail stats

4.4 mi
Elevation gain
656 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
1,627 ft
Max elevation
1,902 ft
Min elevation
908 ft
Trail type
One Way
one hour 55 minutes
May 28, 2017
May 2017
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near Glenwood, Oregon (United States)

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Trail photos

Photo ofRogers road circle trail Photo ofRogers road circle trail Photo ofRogers road circle trail

Itinerary description

The trail recorded in the reverse order!
The intention was to find circle trail near Gales creek. I started from the Gales creek campground along Rogers road. Took the left road at the first fork and continued up. The road goes in the young coniferous grove after the old trees were cut for timber.About a mile from the start at the second fork took right. From here you can see the Wolf Creek valley and the hear 26th highway. In half a mile reached to the local summit with the panoramic view. From this point road starts to decent and I though I have found the circle route. A deer gracefully but quickly moved away. In 1/3rd of a mile the road has ended. Big piles of old cut trees on both sides of the road. Looking at the map on the phone it was clear that the road somewhere bellow in a quarter of a mile but big piles of tress looked impassable. So, I returned to the first fork and took the right road this time. n 1 third of a mile the road has ended. But it looked like there is trace of a trail. May be this is the deer trail as I saw imprints of the hoofs on the slope. After climbing about 1000 feet along this trail I have reached the end of the same road where I stopped trying to decent from the summit. Continued along the same route again to record the complete loop.
Recommendation is to take right from the first fork and climb along this deer trail. It is not visible from the upper road. There is nice clean and cold creek in 100 feet from the fork. On the way back it will be your reward for the efforts! Enjoy!


PictographPhoto Altitude 1,880 ft
Photo ofAt the Summit

At the Summit

Old timber cutting road

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,531 ft
Photo ofPorcupine Caterpillar

Porcupine Caterpillar


PictographPhoto Altitude 1,902 ft
Photo ofViewpoint


View into the Wolf Creek Valley

PictographRiver Altitude 1,292 ft
Photo ofShower


Shower at the end of the circle


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