Rode Beek Premiumwandeling


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Photo ofRode Beek Premiumwandeling Photo ofRode Beek Premiumwandeling Photo ofRode Beek Premiumwandeling


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6.91 mi
Elevation gain
75 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
75 ft
Max elevation
157 ft
62 5
Min elevation
-17 ft
Trail type
3 hours 19 minutes
March 22, 2021
March 2021
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157 ft
-17 ft
6.91 mi

near Herkenbosch, Limburg (Nederland)

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Trail photos

Photo ofRode Beek Premiumwandeling Photo ofRode Beek Premiumwandeling Photo ofRode Beek Premiumwandeling

Itinerary description

This is one of the hikes that are well documented and shared on the website , in both German and Dutch. They provide a clear map and information, as well as a GPX file plus frequent signposts on the way, indicated by a big W .
In short, you can't get lost !

The hike starts on the outskirts of Herkenbosch, from a large parking area next to an idyllic, extraordinary castle, Kasteel Daelenbroeck, with hotel facilities.

The hike is primarily in the Netherlands, province of Limburg with only a short (but most scenic) stretch in Germany.

You pass through brookland, marshes, walk along the river Roer / Ruhr, cross forests areas and reach a picturesque lake called Effelder Waldsee. This an ideal spot for a picknick.

Moreover, opposite the castle tower, on the border of the moat, there is a charming corner to take a seat and relax after your hike. It's one of the many "Glucks locations" / Geluks plekken that you'll encounter on the hike.

If you like to extend the walk, you can opt for a circular walk around the romantic Effelder Waldsee lake, adding around 3 kms to this trail.

After periods of rain, do be prepared for some muddy stretches (not too much though).

Lovely walk , a "premiumwanderung" after all, in national park The Meinweg and Naturpark Maas, Schwalm Nette.


PictographCar park Altitude 47 ft
Photo ofParking area Photo ofParking area Photo ofParking area

Parking area

Quite big carpark.

PictographRiver Altitude 69 ft
Photo ofRothenbach Photo ofRothenbach Photo ofRothenbach


Red brook in English, so indeed this is the dominant colour of the waters.

PictographLake Altitude 74 ft
Photo ofEffelder waldsee Photo ofEffelder waldsee Photo ofEffelder waldsee

Effelder waldsee

Includes two benches to enjoy the view across the lake, idyllic spot. It's also one of the "Glucks" spots, see photo.

PictographRiver Altitude 71 ft
Photo ofDe Roer Photo ofDe Roer Photo ofDe Roer

De Roer

A lounge bench on the waters of the river Roer / Ruhr as well as a "Glucks" / "Geluks" spot.

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  • Photo of De 3 T’s
    De 3 T’s Jun 22, 2022

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Dit is een prachtige wandeling.
    Wij zijn gestart vanaf kasteel/ hotel Daelenbroeck alwaar het gratis parkeren is en waar ook vier oplaadpunten voor de elektrische auto’s zijn (was voor ons een prettige bijkomstigheid).
    De route begint vrijwel meteen met een klein drassig smal paadje (advies deze overslaan en een stukje geasfalteerde weg nemen), voor de rest niets te klagen over de paden van deze mooie wandeling.
    De route is zeer gevarieerd en heeft alles in zich wat een mooie wandeling nodig heeft.
    Onderweg nog reetjes gespot.
    De hond is overal toegestaan en kan onderweg nog afkoelen in een groot meer.
    Na afloop van de wandeling kan je nog wat nuttige op het mooie terras van het hotel.

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