Pico da Vara


Trail photos

Photo ofPico da Vara Photo ofPico da Vara Photo ofPico da Vara


Trail stats

4.46 mi
Elevation gain
1,677 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
1,677 ft
Max elevation
3,626 ft
Min elevation
2,132 ft
Trail type
2 hours
July 9, 2023
June 2023
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near Rua das Pedras, Açores (Portugal)

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Trail photos

Photo ofPico da Vara Photo ofPico da Vara Photo ofPico da Vara

Itinerary description

Easy hike to the top of the Sao Miguel island in the Azores archipelago.
The track starts at the end of a gravel road that leads to a forestry area. This seems to be some kind of official and maintained track but we also found some signs indicating the track was closed supposedly because of forestry activity.
I bet there are at least a couple more ways to go up but this one is the one we knew and the one we followed. We didn't find any forestry activity along the track so we kept going up.
After 1.65 km you make a left turn. This spot seems to join another track coming up from another start. The following 500 meters that lead to the spot where a plane from Air France crashed are fairly flat and then going up resumes.

350 meters from the top we find another plane crash spot, this time from FAP airline. A few meters further up we make a right turn and soon we are at the top.
The day we went up it was quite cloudy so we could not enjoy the views from the top. I guess this is quite common and probably the reason for the two plane crashes in the area.
We go down on the same track and soon we are back to the car.

Full description and more pictures at Back from Summit: Pico da Vara

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PictographSummit Altitude 3,622 ft
Photo ofPico da Vara (1103 m)

Pico da Vara (1103 m)

PictographWaypoint Altitude 3,078 ft
Photo ofPlane crash Air France

Plane crash Air France

PictographWaypoint Altitude 3,431 ft
Photo ofPlane crash FAP

Plane crash FAP

PictographWaypoint Altitude 2,179 ft
Photo ofStart and end of track Photo ofStart and end of track

Start and end of track


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