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August 16, 2011

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near Anacortes Crossing, Washington (United States)

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An amazing trail to do some day... at least a tiny part of it!!

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  • Photo of IntrepidAntipodean
    IntrepidAntipodean Aug 19, 2011

    So this isn't your trail log, but one you found on TrailSource?

    Yes the PCT is indeed an amazing trail.

  • Photo of Northern Mountaineer
    Northern Mountaineer Aug 19, 2011

    Right, this is from trailsource. I just like to look for trails that I might do one day, and dream while following tracks of others... ;)

    The PCT is definitely on my list!

  • Photo of IntrepidAntipodean
    IntrepidAntipodean Aug 19, 2011

    do it, do it, do it. best summer of my life. But pick a low snow year. This year is setting records and seriously endangering lives.

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