Nebias: Le Labyrinthe Verte


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Photo ofNebias: Le Labyrinthe Verte Photo ofNebias: Le Labyrinthe Verte Photo ofNebias: Le Labyrinthe Verte


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5.04 mi
Elevation gain
630 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
630 ft
Max elevation
2,024 ft
73 5
Min elevation
1,571 ft
Trail type
3 hours 22 minutes
August 6, 2016
August 2016
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2,024 ft
1,571 ft
5.04 mi

near Nébias, Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées (France)

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Trail photos

Photo ofNebias: Le Labyrinthe Verte Photo ofNebias: Le Labyrinthe Verte Photo ofNebias: Le Labyrinthe Verte

Itinerary description

This is a very nice walk that first takes you a little higher than the village itself to an old windmill with extensive views almost all around slightly above 600 metres and then dives into the woods along a narrow, winding beautifully soft track until you reach a private lake that you have to go around until you reach the lowest point of the walk at 480 metres.

Then you start to gradually climb until you reach a 'Point de vue' at 520 metres with extensive views to the north.

After this the path still goes up gradually until you reach a kind of primaeval forest which looks like and walks like a labyrinth because of the great variety of narrow paths among huge and less huge lichen/moss-clad boulders and trees which are also full of ivy and ferns.

This really is an exceptional experience because it is so unexpected, bizar even, although you know what to expect of course if you do the walk, but still...

We only did a small part of this labyrinth but you could make it yourself far more interesting or maybe even difficult.

Once you pop out of the labyrinth you are definitely in the 21st century again with a view of the open fields around Nebias and the mountains to the south.


PictographCar park Altitude 1,906 ft

Parking place

PictographWaypoint Altitude 2,008 ft
Photo ofMoulin Photo ofMoulin Photo ofMoulin


PictographPhoto Altitude 1,609 ft
Photo ofPoint de vue

Point de vue

PictographPanorama Altitude 1,766 ft
Photo ofBelvedere de Brezilhou Photo ofBelvedere de Brezilhou

Belvedere de Brezilhou

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,940 ft
Photo ofClot des Encantades Photo ofClot des Encantades

Clot des Encantades

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,976 ft
Photo ofGrand Laplaz Photo ofGrand Laplaz Photo ofGrand Laplaz

Grand Laplaz

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,980 ft
Photo ofLe Labyrinthe

Le Labyrinthe

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  • Photo of Chumbea
    Chumbea Dec 3, 2022

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Espectacular recorrido, gracias por compartir

  • Photo of DinkSmallwood
    DinkSmallwood Dec 3, 2022

    Thanks for your reaction 😊

  • Photo of Monovitis
    Monovitis May 2, 2023

    Exceptional woodland. Absolutely wonderful trail!

  • Photo of DinkSmallwood
    DinkSmallwood May 2, 2023

    Yes, we experienced this as an exceptional trail as well. Thanks for your reaction 😊

  • Photo of Markparov
    Markparov Oct 17, 2023

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Fantàstica excursió, hem gaudit molt, gràcies per compartir!

  • Photo of DinkSmallwood
    DinkSmallwood Oct 17, 2023

    Thanks for your reaction, I liked this one too very much😊

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