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Trail stats

5.43 mi
Elevation gain
157 ft
Technical difficulty
Experts only
Elevation loss
295 ft
Max elevation
4,380 ft
Min elevation
1,203 ft
Trail type
One Way
Moving time
3 hours 51 minutes
6 hours one minute
January 30, 2020
January 2020
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near Dublanc, Saint Peter (Dominica)

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Trail photos

Photo ofMorne Diablotin Photo ofMorne Diablotin

Itinerary description

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Morne Imp
We slept in Dublanc, the first coastal town before the intersection with the road that leads to the start of the trail. We hitchhiked at the intersection. It is not worth going there on foot. You will easily find a farmer early in the morning who will pick you up in his pick-up, a means of transport that will provide you with a breathtaking view of the sea as you climb. The farmer did not go to the start of the path (hence the start of my route upstream)

The trail trail still traces the carnage of Maria. If you don't like having mud everywhere, weaving your way through the jungle among branches and roots, or even using your hands to climb a few parts, don't set foot there. For my part, I had the impression of becoming a child again, a pretty playground!

The view was however very crowded up there. I do not recommend climbing on rainy days.

The end of the trail is difficult to access, we did not go to the end because my teammate was fed up.

Provide a sufficient amount of water because there is none during the ascent (river available just before the start of the lake)


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