Lofoten - Vaeroy: Haheia, Hornet and Nordlandshagen


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Photo ofLofoten - Vaeroy: Haheia, Hornet and Nordlandshagen Photo ofLofoten - Vaeroy: Haheia, Hornet and Nordlandshagen Photo ofLofoten - Vaeroy: Haheia, Hornet and Nordlandshagen


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12.01 mi
Elevation gain
2,129 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
2,129 ft
Max elevation
1,477 ft
Min elevation
2 ft
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Moving time
4 hours 31 minutes
6 hours 47 minutes
August 29, 2022
August 2022
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1,477 ft
2 ft
12.01 mi

near Sørland, Nordland (Norge)

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Trail photos

Photo ofLofoten - Vaeroy: Haheia, Hornet and Nordlandshagen Photo ofLofoten - Vaeroy: Haheia, Hornet and Nordlandshagen Photo ofLofoten - Vaeroy: Haheia, Hornet and Nordlandshagen

Itinerary description

If you find yourself in the Lofoten, head over the island Vaeroy. You will love it, 100% sure!

Some information on how to get to island Vaeroy:
You need to take the ferry from Bodo or Moskenes.
Make sure you check the timetables if you only plan to be on the island for 1 day, like I did.
I arrived in Vaeroy at 11.15 am and took the ferry back to Moskenes at 22.45pm.
This gave me almost 12 hours to explore the very beautiful island of Vaeroy.

From the ferry I walked to the centre of Sorland, the main, and only, town in Vaeroy. Ferry to centre is 2 kilometers one way. I started recording at the tourist information (=yellow building) with lots of info panels about the walks you can do on the island.
If you come by car you can drive till the end of the street north out of town, there’s parking there and it’s good starting/ending point if you want to walk to the top of Haheia (also called Hatua or Haen) and/or to the top of Hornet.

I walked to the top of Haheia first, where the view is just WOW! Then I walked on the ridge to get me to a short climb towards the second mountain, Hornet. Amazing, different view here as well. From there I descended to the beach in the north called Nordlandshagen.
If you dont feel like descending to the north and walk the 8 to 9 kilometers in the north you can always descend back to the parking or town from here.

So, I descended to the north and this passage is a bit more tricky than the paths you walked on so far but nevertheless is very doable. There is a clear path that takes you down the rocky slope. Just take your time…

I really liked walking in Nordland, even tough it was on the street, the lovely coloured houses, the island Mosken in the distance and to my right the mountains of Vaeroy made it very forfilling. And along the whole way their were hardly any cars, just some tourists and a few locals driving very calm and relaxing so no danger at all.

Enjoy! It is worth the visit, that I can tell you.

Sorland has a supermarket, a cafe, a “restaurant” where you can get a burger.
There’s also a pub.


Photo ofTourist information panels Photo ofTourist information panels Photo ofTourist information panels

Tourist information panels

PictographCar park Altitude 33 ft
Photo ofParking, picnictable and information board

Parking, picnictable and information board

PictographIntersection Altitude 46 ft
Photo ofTowards Sorlandshagen

Towards Sorlandshagen

PictographBeach Altitude 52 ft
Photo ofSorlandshagen


PictographCampsite Altitude 10 ft
Photo ofBivouac spot

Bivouac spot

PictographCar park Altitude 59 ft
Photo ofBigger parking + information Photo ofBigger parking + information

Bigger parking + information

PictographWaypoint Altitude 66 ft
Photo ofStart of the walk towards Heia

Start of the walk towards Heia

PictographIntersection Altitude 561 ft
Photo ofHaheia 2km

Haheia 2km

PictographRuins Altitude 627 ft
Photo ofEagle house Photo ofEagle house

Eagle house

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,142 ft
Photo ofSorland


PictographSummit Altitude 1,440 ft
Photo ofHaheia


PictographInformation point Altitude 1,414 ft
Photo ofInformation


PictographIntersection Altitude 791 ft
Photo ofSigs at a junction

Sigs at a junction

PictographSummit Altitude 1,138 ft
Photo ofHornet 346m Photo ofHornet 346m Photo ofHornet 346m

Hornet 346m

PictographIntersection Altitude 33 ft
Photo ofYou descend from the pass to the beach

You descend from the pass to the beach

It looks harder than it is, there’s a clear path. Take your time

PictographBeach Altitude 49 ft
Photo ofNordlandshagen


PictographPicnic Altitude 46 ft
Photo ofA table

A table

Photo ofSkiphalsen


Photo ofValgkirke Photo ofValgkirke


Photo ofGraveyard


Photo ofMollbakken


PictographIntersection Altitude -10 ft
Photo ofSign to Teisthammeren

Sign to Teisthammeren

Photo ofInformation board Photo ofInformation board

Information board

PictographPhoto Altitude 7 ft
Photo ofTeisthammeren


Photo ofHundholman Photo ofHundholman


PictographBeach Altitude 7 ft
Photo ofSkarsvollsanden


PictographProvisioning Altitude 20 ft
Photo ofCoop Prix

Coop Prix

Open: 9-19 (18) Toilet available!!

PictographProvisioning Altitude 23 ft
Photo ofCafe Supern

Cafe Supern

PictographProvisioning Altitude 13 ft
Photo ofKiosken Photo ofKiosken



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