Les Diablerets - Creux de Champ - Vers Champ


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Photo ofLes Diablerets - Creux de Champ - Vers Champ Photo ofLes Diablerets - Creux de Champ - Vers Champ Photo ofLes Diablerets - Creux de Champ - Vers Champ


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6.29 mi
Elevation gain
1,749 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
1,749 ft
Max elevation
4,948 ft
77 5
Min elevation
3,815 ft
Trail type
2 hours 29 minutes
June 6, 2013
May 2013
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4,948 ft
3,815 ft
6.29 mi

near Les Diablerets, Canton de Vaud (Swiss Confederation)

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Trail photos

Photo ofLes Diablerets - Creux de Champ - Vers Champ Photo ofLes Diablerets - Creux de Champ - Vers Champ Photo ofLes Diablerets - Creux de Champ - Vers Champ

Itinerary description

Si te gusta esta ruta y/o la has seguido, me gustaría conocer tú valoración y comentarios. Muchas gracias.
If you like this route and/or you followed it, please leave a valoration and/or comment. Thanx!

Circular walk which goes up from Les Diablerets via one bank of the Grande Eau River and goes down via the other bank.

This route starts at the bridge over the Grande Eau river close to the centre of Les Diablerets. We follow the river upstream, first at the right bank and from Passerelle d'Aigue Noire (see waypoint with same name) at the left bank. At Le Droutzay (see waypoint with same name) the track follows a large part of the training circuit instead of the paved road. Just after passing Creux de Champ you enter in some kind of meadow where several creeks that origin from the surrounding mountains come together. Here the trail splits in one that goes up to Refuge de Pierredar (would be nice, but impossible because of the snow), and one that goes to Vers Champ. We follow the latter and after crossing some creeks some of them covered by snow (see waypoint "snow field") a narrow nice trail brings us to Vers Champ (see waypoint with same name).

The idea was to further ascend to La Laya, but that route was also impossible with the equipment I had because of the snow: at waypoint "zig-zag to La Laya" the road was covered by more than 50 cm snow so I took a path to the right, but that one had a dead end (almost literally since it ends in an impressive precipice at waypoint "dead end"). When you do this route in summer time I recommend to make the detour to La Laya after which you can descend to incorporate again with the current route at waypoint "X".

After having returned to Vers Champ we go down in the direction of Les Diablerets following a compfortable unhardened road. At the right hand side we constantly hear and see the Grande Eau river below us. Where we cross a paved road we turn left and go up again untill waypoint "X". There we take the narrow trail at the right which brings us in a strong descent to the bridge over the creek Torrent de Culan. At your left you can see a nice, still working water wheel (see waypoint "Bridge and Water wheel").

After arriving at Léderrey we follow the road "Route du Col de la Croix" back to Les Diablerets.

- Time in movement: 2 hr 10 min

- Average velocity in movement: 4,7 km/hr

- Recorded on 30/05/2013


PictographPhoto Altitude 4,088 ft
Photo ofBridge and Water wheel

Bridge and Water wheel

30-MEI-13 17:07:08

PictographWaypoint Altitude 4,456 ft

Creux de Champ

30-MEI-13 15:44:26

PictographWaypoint Altitude 4,895 ft

Dead end

30-MEI-13 16:23:25

PictographIntersection Altitude 3,940 ft

Le Droutzay

30-MEI-13 15:12:14

PictographIntersection Altitude 3,899 ft
Photo ofPaserelle d'AigueNoire

Paserelle d'AigueNoire

30-MEI-13 15:07:30

PictographRiver Altitude 4,587 ft
Photo ofSnow field Photo ofSnow field

Snow field

30-MEI-13 15:51:08

PictographIntersection Altitude 4,575 ft


30-MEI-13 16:01:47

PictographIntersection Altitude 4,475 ft
Photo ofX Photo ofX


30-MEI-13 16:58:12

PictographIntersection Altitude 4,872 ft

Zig-zag to La Laya

30-MEI-13 16:27:24

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  • Photo of sextante
    sextante Sep 13, 2013

    Una ruta koolloos con muy buena pinta que habrá repetir en cuanto vuelva a tierras galas.

  • Photo of Koolloos
    Koolloos Sep 13, 2013

    Gracias Sextante por tu valoración. La ruta es muy recomendable y en verano con la vuelta a La Laya debe ser aún más bonita! Una cosa si lo quieres repetir: habrás que volver a tierras suizas en vez de tierras galas😉

  • laurene.descouts Jul 6, 2018

    Nice pretty and peaceful

  • Photo of mehdi.tabibvand
    mehdi.tabibvand Feb 26, 2020

    Hi dear friend
    You have followed and recorded many beautiful and exciting paths
    Please also visit my page and comment
    Thanks a lot

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