La Junta - Cochamó


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Photo ofLa Junta - Cochamó Photo ofLa Junta - Cochamó Photo ofLa Junta - Cochamó


Trail stats

8.54 mi
Elevation gain
1,545 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
636 ft
Max elevation
1,394 ft
64 4.3
Min elevation
155 ft
Trail type
One Way
4 hours 19 minutes
January 2, 2018
January 2017
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  •   4.3 1 review
1,394 ft
155 ft
8.54 mi

near Quila, Los Lagos (Chile)

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Trail photos

Photo ofLa Junta - Cochamó Photo ofLa Junta - Cochamó Photo ofLa Junta - Cochamó

Itinerary description

Good place to start is at a private parking just outide the entrance to the trail - where you need to register yourself to enter. First part is along a dirt road but soon the trail follow a horse trail through the valley slowly upwards. With rain the trail can be really muddy so be prepared for some dirt along the hike. Most of the trail is through forest but at places it opens up for some great views.
After some 13 kms you reach camping La Junta. In stead of enter the camping and pay a fee you can keep right and walk to Toboganes La Lunta - a waterfall as a natural waterslide. I may happen that someone try to get a fee also for this area - but they are not allowed to do - just greedy owners trying to get more money from you. Prices at comping is over the limit, so bring what you want to eat.
La Junta is called Little Yosemite - and if you have been there you will definitely understand why!
Is a long round trip hike - but done in a day with an early start. It's more the distance than the hike as such that is the challenge. For a two days hike it's moderate.

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    VaTrilhar (mv_mao) Dec 17, 2022

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    Não é uma trilha difícil, mas é longa!

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