Grau Roig - Circ de Pessons


Trail photos

Photo ofGrau Roig - Circ de Pessons Photo ofGrau Roig - Circ de Pessons Photo ofGrau Roig - Circ de Pessons


Trail stats

6.61 mi
Elevation gain
2,008 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
2,008 ft
Max elevation
8,765 ft
Min elevation
6,915 ft
Trail type
July 17, 2016
July 2016
8,765 ft
6,915 ft
6.61 mi

near Bordes d'Envalira, Canillo (Andorra)

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Trail photos

Photo ofGrau Roig - Circ de Pessons Photo ofGrau Roig - Circ de Pessons Photo ofGrau Roig - Circ de Pessons

Itinerary description

This hiking route takes place in the valley Circ de Pessons. This valley has a lot of morains which left several lakes. The valley is surrounded by mountains at three sides.
The route starts at a big parking place at Grau Roig, a short distance from Soldeau eastwards.
In the winter Grau Roig is a good Ski Resort.
There are so many lakes that it is quite difficult to put them correctly on the route map. Be a little aware of that when you look at the pictures.
The lakes are connected in three lines down the valley.


PictographPhoto Altitude 8,249 ft
Photo ofSea View

Sea View

Flowers, water and mountain.

PictographPhoto Altitude 7,917 ft
Photo ofScenary Forcat

Scenary Forcat

Over Sea Forcat.

PictographWaypoint Altitude 7,772 ft


This is where the path up and down meet again.

PictographRiver Altitude 7,708 ft

Crossing of River Solana

PictographPicnic Altitude 8,687 ft
Photo ofResting Point

Resting Point

This is a good place to have our packed lunches if you don't reach the top. As everywhere in the valley we can see the red Rhododendron flowers among stones.

PictographLake Altitude 8,094 ft
Photo ofSea Del Miligar Photo ofSea Del Miligar Photo ofSea Del Miligar

Sea Del Miligar

A beautiful scenary with many flowers in front and mountains behind.

PictographWaypoint Altitude 8,757 ft
Photo ofReturn Point Photo ofReturn Point

Return Point

This is a natural point to return by if the weather is to bad with fog f.ex. The path further up to Pic dels Pessons starts after some rocky area. It is not difficult. The path goes crisscross up to the plateau as can be easily seen on the Goggle Earth Photo.

PictographLake Altitude 8,561 ft
Photo ofSea Del Cap Dels Pessons

Sea Del Cap Dels Pessons

Panorama view over the highest sea near the Mountains.

PictographLake Altitude 7,771 ft
Photo ofSea Forcat Photo ofSea Forcat

Sea Forcat

A breathtaking scenery of a sea and its surroundings.

PictographLake Altitude 8,166 ft
Photo ofSea Les Fonts

Sea Les Fonts


PictographLake Altitude 7,569 ft
Photo ofSea Primer

Sea Primer

The path Circ de Pessons starts in reality at this lake. There is a restaurant at the lake which can be open at certain times.

PictographLake Altitude 7,808 ft
Photo ofSea Rodo

Sea Rodo

Foggy water.

PictographLake Altitude 8,052 ft
Photo ofSeas Solana

Seas Solana

This is a Solana lake near its characteristic mountains. There are three lines of lakes in the valley. This is from one of them.

PictographLake Altitude 7,968 ft
Photo ofFoggy Landscape

Foggy Landscape

Marks on a stone to show the path is good in foggy weather.

PictographPanorama Altitude 8,202 ft
Photo ofView 2500

View 2500

Panoramian view from 2500 meters above sea Level.


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