Feehly Hill circuit (Arrowtown)


Trail photos

Photo ofFeehly Hill circuit (Arrowtown) Photo ofFeehly Hill circuit (Arrowtown) Photo ofFeehly Hill circuit (Arrowtown)


Trail stats

1.08 mi
Elevation gain
236 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
236 ft
Max elevation
1,806 ft
Min elevation
1,401 ft
Trail type
37 minutes
April 12, 2023
April 2023
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near Arrowtown, Otago (New Zealand)

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Trail photos

Photo ofFeehly Hill circuit (Arrowtown) Photo ofFeehly Hill circuit (Arrowtown) Photo ofFeehly Hill circuit (Arrowtown)

Itinerary description

This short circular walk that goes up Feehly Hill starts at the parking of the cemetery of Arrowtown. It is less than 2 kilometres long and has barely 120 meters of elevation gain.

Walking clockwise the start may be a bit confusing since we have to go through the cemetery to get to the track. We have to cross the flat rectangular area that we find on the left-hand side looking towards the mountain. On the other side we'll find a small blue signpost that says "Feehly Hill Access".

500 meters on this track and we are at the summit. The track is narrow and steep. It is not difficult but quite steep. On a couple of rocky spots we use our hands to help us get through. Using the hands is not necessary but it makes it easier.
From the summit we have a nice view of Arrowtown.
To go down we first need to go back on our steps and after about 40 meters we make a right turn to go down on the other side. It's a bit less steep than the way up and in no time we find ourselves down on the street surrounded by nice houses.

The remainder of the walk is through the neighbourhood until we get back to the car.

In summary, easy and short walk with nice views of Arrowtown.

Full description and more pictures at Back from Summit: Feehly Hill

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PictographSummit Altitude 1,805 ft
Photo ofFeehly Hill (540 m) Photo ofFeehly Hill (540 m)

Feehly Hill (540 m)

PictographCar park Altitude 1,452 ft
Photo ofStart and end of track (Cemetery parking)

Start and end of track (Cemetery parking)


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