Eisenach: Drachenschlucht, Landgrafenschlucht and the Wartburg


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Photo ofEisenach: Drachenschlucht, Landgrafenschlucht and the Wartburg Photo ofEisenach: Drachenschlucht, Landgrafenschlucht and the Wartburg Photo ofEisenach: Drachenschlucht, Landgrafenschlucht and the Wartburg


Trail stats

8.62 mi
Elevation gain
1,345 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
1,345 ft
Max elevation
1,540 ft
65 4.3
Min elevation
778 ft
Trail type
4 hours 45 minutes
August 10, 2019
August 2019
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1,540 ft
778 ft
8.62 mi

near Ehrensteig, Thüringen (Deutschland)

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Trail photos

Photo ofEisenach: Drachenschlucht, Landgrafenschlucht and the Wartburg Photo ofEisenach: Drachenschlucht, Landgrafenschlucht and the Wartburg Photo ofEisenach: Drachenschlucht, Landgrafenschlucht and the Wartburg

Itinerary description

This is a very beautiful walk which consists of three parts that could also be done seperately.

The first part is the walk through the Drachensclucht, a canyon of more or less 3 kilometers that starts at a heighth of about 265 m. and ends at 430m.

The narrowest part has a width of 68 cm. The canyon abounds with bottlenecks, swirls, small waterfalls, big and small boulders, platforms to walk on steps tp go up, and almost at the end a source, the Marienbachquelle.

The passage may be slow if there are many people because of all these people standing still and waiting for the right photo moments but it is quite overwhelming.

Arriving at Hohe Sonne, a place where one could eat and drink, we crossed the road, the B19, and followed a track to the north east, the Weinstrasse, which gradually goes up giving you some good views along the way, also of the Wartburg.

Having reached the Grossser Drachenstein, 471m., you will be rewarded with a majestic view towards the Hörselberg and the Grosser Inselsberg.

The descent will lead you to the Landgrafenschlucht, a very different but just as impressive gorge. The Landgrafenschlucht is less daunting than the neighbouring Drachenschlucht, but its rock formations and vegetation are no less impressive. A wide, easy to walk path winds itself downwards; in some places it is secured by wooden planks or steps or small bridges and ropes to hold on to.

Back at the B19 we followed a track to Waldhaus Sängerwiese and from there took the signposted track to the Wartburg (1,5km).

The last part of this track is really beautiful with a permanent view of the burg, ending with a very nice climb to the burg itself.

Then it seems as if you have stepped back into the middle ages. The burg is a tiny village and everything is beautiful here, there is even a medieval garden.

For the descent towards the B19 you can choose from various tracks. We liked the one we took, winding itself down alongside the steep huge rock formations.


PictographWaypoint Altitude 815 ft

Parking Places

PictographPhoto Altitude 840 ft
Photo ofGottlob Konig info

Gottlob Konig info

PictographWaypoint Altitude 862 ft

Nach Eisenach

There are quite a few tracks leaving this canyon to the west.

PictographPhoto Altitude 943 ft
Photo ofWooden planks Photo ofWooden planks Photo ofWooden planks

Wooden planks

PictographWaypoint Altitude 1,127 ft

Picknick place

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,307 ft
Photo ofDrachenschlucht end

Drachenschlucht end

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,383 ft
Photo ofView Wartburg

View Wartburg

Picknick table Rennsteig portal

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,391 ft
Photo ofHohe Sonne Photo ofHohe Sonne

Hohe Sonne

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,396 ft
Photo ofBench with view to the east

Bench with view to the east

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,434 ft
Photo ofInfo wanderweg Die Schone Unbekanten

Info wanderweg Die Schone Unbekanten

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,432 ft
Photo ofMarienblick


View Waltburg from benches

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,451 ft
Photo ofViewpoint


Bench, Grosser Engelsberg view

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,507 ft
Photo ofGrosser Drachenstein Photo ofGrosser Drachenstein

Grosser Drachenstein

Extended view

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,434 ft
Photo ofWeinstrasse Photo ofWeinstrasse



PictographPhoto Altitude 1,167 ft
Photo ofLandgrafenschlucht Photo ofLandgrafenschlucht Photo ofLandgrafenschlucht


PictographPhoto Altitude 1,054 ft
Photo ofWooden platforms Photo ofWooden platforms Photo ofWooden platforms

Wooden platforms

PictographPhoto Altitude 834 ft
Photo ofRundwanderwegen Mariental

Rundwanderwegen Mariental

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,027 ft
Photo ofWaldhaus Sängerwiese

Waldhaus Sängerwiese

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,146 ft
Photo ofWartburgblick Photo ofWartburgblick



PictographPhoto Altitude 1,282 ft
Photo ofWartburg Photo ofWartburg Photo ofWartburg


PictographWaypoint Altitude 921 ft


Memorial stone

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  • Photo of Jan Hofman
    Jan Hofman Jul 22, 2023

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Mooie wandeling. De Drachenschlucht was gedeeltelijk afgesloten ivm werkzaamheden. Maar een omleiding is aangegeven. Hele bijzondere wandeling: indrukwekkend!

  • Photo of DinkSmallwood
    DinkSmallwood Jul 22, 2023

    Leuk om te horen. Bedankt!

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