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Photo ofDaeyasan Photo ofDaeyasan Photo ofDaeyasan


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5.63 mi
Elevation gain
2,382 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
2,382 ft
Max elevation
3,176 ft
Min elevation
931 ft
Trail type
Moving time
2 hours one minute
3 hours 14 minutes
December 27, 2020
December 2020
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3,176 ft
931 ft
5.63 mi

near Daegol, Gyeongsangbuk-do (South Korea)

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Trail photos

Photo ofDaeyasan Photo ofDaeyasan Photo ofDaeyasan

Itinerary description

This is a very nice hike even if a bit on the short side. The first part of the hike follows a creek with some nice places to soak your feet in the summer months. You can hike along either side of the creek before you have to decide whether you will take the stair master turn your legs to jello way up or the gentler way up. See the intersection way points. Counterclockwise loop for the stairmaster or clockwise for the gentler way. The summit has great views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. While I have rated the hike as Moderate because while it is not that long, if you take the direct route to the summit, it is steep and strenuous.
Daeyasan is in the north end of Songnisan National Park and is about 2 hours from Pyeongtaek and 2.5-3 hours from Seoul. There is no easy way there with public transportation so you will need a car. The address for your navigation is: Wanjang-ri 433 Gaeun-Eup.
The parking at the trailhead is very limited. There are restaurants and a guest house at the trailhead, but they probably expect you to eat/stay there to park in their lots. There appears to be a large parking lot about 1 km before the trailhead. From the satellite image it looks like there is a trail from the large parking lot to the trail head. Navigation to parking lot: 1306-10 Daeya-ro, Gaeun-eup


PictographCar park Altitude 1,057 ft
Photo ofTrailhead Parking Photo ofTrailhead Parking

Trailhead Parking

The parking here is very limited. There is more parking at the restaurants, but they probably expect you to eat there. Most of them were closed for the winter when I did this hike. There appeared to be a large parking lot about 1 km before the trailhead on the right which would be another option.

PictographWaterfall Altitude 1,118 ft
Photo ofYongchu Creek

Yongchu Creek

Very nice little waterfall in the shape of a heart. Looks like it would be a nice swimming hole, but it seems to be roped off.

PictographInformation point Altitude 1,166 ft
Photo ofPark Office

Park Office

On the right side of the creek there is a little park office and a gate. There may be a small fee during the summer months. It was unmanned when I went past.

PictographWaypoint Altitude 1,292 ft
Photo ofStairs


Some sections of the trail have stairs.

PictographIntersection Altitude 1,392 ft
Photo ofIntersection 1

Intersection 1

If you hike up the right side of the creek you will come to this intersection. Choose here if you will do the loop clockwise (left turn) or counterclockwise (right turn). Going to the right is shorter, but much steeper. The last 500m to the summit is a turn you thighs to jello stairmaster. Going left is much gentler with only a few fairly short steep section.

PictographWaterfall Altitude 1,756 ft
Photo ofIce Climb

Ice Climb

If there was more water flowing to form ice, this would make a nice little ice climb.

PictographWaypoint Altitude 1,957 ft
Photo ofTrail view

Trail view

Trail is a bit rougher higher up and is starting to get steep.

PictographInformation point Altitude 2,010 ft
Photo ofEmergency First Aid Box

Emergency First Aid Box

The first aid box seemed to have a padlock on it so I don't see the point.

PictographWaypoint Altitude 2,601 ft
Photo ofStart of steep section Photo ofStart of steep section Photo ofStart of steep section

Start of steep section

From here to the summit the trail is mostly stairs and is very steep.

PictographIntersection Altitude 3,138 ft
Photo ofIntersection 2

Intersection 2

Intersection just before the summit. This is where the gentle and steep ways up meet. If you want to to a loop, then just take the other path on the way down.

PictographSummit Altitude 3,192 ft
Photo ofDaeyasan Summit Photo ofDaeyasan Summit Photo ofDaeyasan Summit

Daeyasan Summit

The summit has a nice fenced in area with a stone elevation marker. From here there are nice views in all directions. It was a bit hazy the day I went.

PictographPhoto Altitude 3,184 ft
Photo ofView of Daeyasan

View of Daeyasan

Following the Miljae (Pass) trail there is a nice view looking back at the Daeyasan Summit. This trail follows the ridge for a little while before turning down into the valley.

PictographPhoto Altitude 2,910 ft
Photo ofCliffs


A nice view point along the Miljae trail.

PictographInformation point Altitude 2,326 ft
Photo ofEmergency Box and Map Photo ofEmergency Box and Map Photo ofEmergency Box and Map

Emergency Box and Map

Another locked emergency box. There was also a trail map here.

PictographPhoto Altitude 1,768 ft
Photo ofTrail photo

Trail photo

The Miljae trail does not have very many stairs and has a few rougher sections.

PictographIntersection Altitude 1,427 ft
Photo ofIntersection 3 Photo ofIntersection 3 Photo ofIntersection 3

Intersection 3

If you come up the left side of the creek, the trail crosses the creek just before you get to this intersection. It is in sight of intersection 1. Here you can choose to go the steep or gentle way. Left turn for gentle and right turn for steep. Right turn takes you to intersection 1. There is alsop a map here.

PictographWaterfall Altitude 1,419 ft
Photo ofWollyoung-dae Photo ofWollyoung-dae


A small cascading waterfall.

PictographInformation point Altitude 1,202 ft
Photo ofRestrooms


Restrooms on the left (going up) bank trail. Last chance going up.

PictographInformation point Altitude 1,078 ft
Photo ofTrailhead


From the parking you initially follow a road past restaurant to get to the right bank trailhead. There is a map at the trailhead. The left bank trailhead is just about 20 meters from the trailhead parking.


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