Coed Morgannwg Way - correct route?



Trail stats

36.68 mi
Elevation gain
5,072 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
5,531 ft
Max elevation
1,957 ft
Min elevation
94 ft
Trail type
One Way
one day 7 hours 47 minutes
December 19, 2016
November 2016
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near Abercanaid, Wales (United Kingdom)

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Itinerary description

This is the correct route of the Coed Morgannwg Way as best as I can tell. It is not the route on my Explorer Ordnance Survey Map but it is based on the waymarks on the ground, as it is clear there have been footpath diversions which the map has not yet caught up with. My walk along the trail is described in The actual route I walked is a little different and if given by trail, this alternate site also has some of my photos.


PictographWaypoint Altitude 1,153 ft

Danger sign blocking path

This is where a danger sign on the old footpath route, prevents you going any further. The footpath has been diverted

PictographWaypoint Altitude 1,513 ft

Path blocked by brambles etc

PictographWaypoint Altitude 699 ft

Start of a diversion of the the footpath

There is a post chopped down at this point. I initially thought it was an act of vandalism but it appears that it was to stop people taking the old route, instead you continue along the track along the diverted footpath.

PictographWaypoint Altitude 437 ft

Afan Forest Visitor Centre Cafe

There is a cafe, campsite for tents, and mining museum. The campsite is behind the visitor centre. There are also lots on mountain bike paths and mountain bikers.

PictographWaypoint Altitude 203 ft

Margam country park

There is a cafe, castle, abbey ruins, car park and orangery here

PictographWaypoint Altitude 750 ft

Bryn Bettws Lodge

PictographWaypoint Altitude 605 ft

Dare Valley Country Park facilities

There is a cafe, car park, campsite and small hotel at this point


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