Cavan Way


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Photo ofCavan Way Photo ofCavan Way Photo ofCavan Way


Trail stats

15.85 mi
Elevation gain
1,152 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
1,148 ft
Max elevation
865 ft
Min elevation
33 ft
Trail type
One Way
one day 17 hours 33 minutes
May 12, 2022
April 2022
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near Dowra, Ulster (Ireland)

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Trail photos

Photo ofCavan Way Photo ofCavan Way Photo ofCavan Way

Itinerary description

The E2 European Long Distance Path was planned to go from Galway in Ireland to Nice in France, but the Irish section has not been defined. I have been walking a possible route through Ireland linking up National Trails. One of these trails is the Cavan Way. Maybe it was the rain but I did not find the first part of the route that inspiring. After some road walking among waterlogged trees the Cavan Way followed the River Shannon, passing through muddy farmland. After the Shannon Pot the trail improved greatly, crossing the Cavan Burren Park on the way to the twin villages of Blacklion and Belcoo, which lie on different sides of the border with Northern Ireland.

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The village has a shop, bar and accommodation. It is just in Northern Ireland.

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Photo ofBlacklion


Blacklion is at the end (or start) of the Cavan Way. I enjoyed a coffee and sandwich at the café by the Petrol Station.

Cavan Burren Park Visitor Centre

There is a carpark and an exhibition at this visitor centre. The park is an essential deviation off the official line of the Cavan Way.

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Dowra is a village at the start of the Cavan Way with shops and bars.

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Giants Leap Gorge

A gorge across which Lug the giant tried to leap across to impress a lady giant. Unfortunately he did not make it and fell to his death. There is a moral here! It is a dry gorge typical of the limestone landscape where water tends to flow through cave systems.

Photo ofGiants Leap Wedge tomb Photo ofGiants Leap Wedge tomb Photo ofGiants Leap Wedge tomb

Giants Leap Wedge tomb

There are a few tombs in Cavan Burren Park from the Neolithic period, this is one of them.

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Photo ofShannon Pot Photo ofShannon Pot

Shannon Pot

Shannon Pot is the source of the River Shannon, a pool where water flows from underground passages.


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