Algeciras mountains - circle around Garganta de la Fuente Santa


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Photo ofAlgeciras mountains - circle around Garganta de la Fuente Santa Photo ofAlgeciras mountains - circle around Garganta de la Fuente Santa Photo ofAlgeciras mountains - circle around Garganta de la Fuente Santa


Trail stats

16.93 mi
Elevation gain
3,963 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
3,963 ft
Max elevation
2,707 ft
Min elevation
207 ft
Trail type
9 hours 4 minutes
January 16, 2017
January 2017
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near Algeciras, Andalucía (España)

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Trail photos

Photo ofAlgeciras mountains - circle around Garganta de la Fuente Santa Photo ofAlgeciras mountains - circle around Garganta de la Fuente Santa Photo ofAlgeciras mountains - circle around Garganta de la Fuente Santa

Itinerary description

Algeciras mountains; starting with Rio de la Miel climbing to Sierra de Bujeo, later crossing Luna, going a bit along Garganta del Captain to later reach the car parked at the entrance of the route to Rio de la Miel.

In some more details:
We started rather early around 8:30, as we knew the route will be quite long we wish to get back before the sunset with some time buffer.
At the beginning of the trail there is a nearly closed gate, probably to make taking any kind of mechanic vehicle (like a motorbike) impossible, but we like to think about it as a filter for fat people. ;)
The first part of the trail is very simple, great for family with small kids. After around 2.5 km from the start there is a nice waterfall. That part of the track is quite frequently used. In the small lake under the waterfall people are taking the refreshing bath. Not this time though. We were there around 9 am in the middle of the winter, met nobody.

The path for the most visitors ends there. If you are travelling with young kids it is the right thing to do. However if you are not, the real beauty of the river and its surrounding lies further. There is a hardly visible path to the right of the waterfall you will face a little bit of climbing. Later the path goes on one side of the river just to jump to the other side. Sometimes it might get hard to know if the path is right, there are orange arrows on the stones, but not very often. Or we were not always on the right side of the river which is very possible.

After another 2.5 km from the first waterfall there is another:
Once you reach it you have to get a bit back. We are not at about 300 m a.s.l. now it is time to climb the remaining 500 m. The path is not very step. For some time it goes through the forest. Then you meat the fence the forest will end the path will lead into low bushes. Better not to be there when the Sun is operating at the full strength. At the top there is a stunning view (if the day is sunny). It is worth to take some time looking at Gibraltar (but it will be also visible later), and on the other side of the mountain to take a look on Tarifa's beaches and Africa's coast. With the help of binoculars one might search for some ships or kite surfers in Tarifa.

After reaching the top the road is easy towards Sierra de Luna. At some point you have turn right from the main road. There is no clear sign where, at least we did not find it. The road goes through the forest, than some bushes. If you happen not to reach the massif, but you are stuck somewhere below the top, go back a bit and look for a different path. On the top there is stone wall and the pathway next to it. Following the path you will reach quite hight fence on your left hand side with the lovely barbed wire. You need to be persevering, it will end on one of the stones which is the moment for you to use a chance and pass it.
It might be worth to get back up a bit along the fence for the other side to take a look on the other side of the mountain.

Later we were just trying the get more or less north-east. Finally we reached the road we were heading. We used it for quite some time until we decided it is time to go to the river Garganta del Captain which we tried more or less follow for some time. Until it become a real problem. At that point we start to look of the path east from the river and used it until we reach another nice viewpoint, this time allowing to the a look on the local prison. We didn't want to follow that path, but moved back and followed another one. We met a lot of old bullets, a pair or hunters with a several dogs, couple of sheep, pigs raised in some ruins, horses to reach the city and eventually the car park at the entrance of the trail to Rio de la Miel.

Conveniently there is a bar with beer at this point, but we did not have enough time to give it a try...


PictographWaterfall Altitude 1,063 ft
Photo ofWaterfall


That is the waterfall on the way which most of the people visiting Rio de la Miel never reach. The path is much harder, which does not mean hard. Woth to make some more meters to get there from the crowded place were the first waterfall is.

PictographPanorama Altitude 2,644 ft
Photo ofGibraltar and Tarifa Photo ofGibraltar and Tarifa

Gibraltar and Tarifa

Great view point for Gibraltar on one side and Tarifa on the other side of the mountain. Africa clearly visible in a sunny day.

PictographWaypoint Altitude 1,686 ft
Photo ofGate


Gate, yet another gate on the way with the information that it is forbidden to pass. However we made it from the side were there was no sign, why tried to get back to the "allowed" section...

PictographWaypoint Altitude 1,260 ft


Stones put on on another in the pile were often the only helpful sign showing that we are on the right path.

Photo ofRuines



Photo ofRuines



PictographTree Altitude 522 ft
Photo ofTree




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