Maroon lake


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Photo ofMaroon lake Photo ofMaroon lake Photo ofMaroon lake


Trail stats

13.81 mi
Elevation gain
1,440 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
1,440 ft
Max elevation
9,552 ft
Min elevation
8,224 ft
Trail type
Moving time
2 hours 32 minutes
5 hours 5 minutes
April 1, 2019
April 2019
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near Aspen, Colorado (United States)

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Trail photos

Photo ofMaroon lake Photo ofMaroon lake Photo ofMaroon lake

Itinerary description

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A nice excursion for a winter day in Aspen, something different and where you will not find almost anyone. It has also given me the opportunity to try Nordic skiing, or back country skiing as they call it here, which is something intermediate between Nordic skiing and mountain skiing. The bindings and boots are Nordic, but skins are used to climb. Interesting, now I know I will not try Hahaha again.

It is perfect as a tool to climb the snow-covered road that goes up to the Maroon lake, which in summer is crowded with tourists but only a few daring dare to arrive in the winter with the 22 km route. Fortunately, snowmobiles do not arrive either due to two gigantic avalanches that block the road and that they can not get around, the first of them at km 7.5.

Little to add. Monotonous ascent by track with the attraction of the Maroon Bells in the background allowing themselves to be seen little by little as the promised reward.

I arrive at the lake and I am in absolute solitude admiring such an impressive landscape, until I remove skins and I am about to return.

The descent is better than expected because you do not have to row as much as you had imagined.

Highly recommended adventure!


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