Sunk Mine


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Photo ofSunk Mine Photo ofSunk Mine Photo ofSunk Mine


Trail stats

3.91 mi
Elevation gain
528 ft
Technical difficulty
Very difficult
Elevation loss
584 ft
Max elevation
991 ft
Min elevation
726 ft
Trail type
3 hours 38 minutes
April 23, 2009
April 2009
991 ft
726 ft
3.91 mi

near Dennytown, New York (United States)

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Trail photos

Photo ofSunk Mine Photo ofSunk Mine Photo ofSunk Mine

Itinerary description

It was said that Sunk Mine, which is located at Clarence Fahnestock State Park, east of Cold Spring N.Y., provided iron for Civil War cannons at West Point, steamship boilers, and the first locomotive built in the United States. A few smaller mines were located nearby, like the Hamilton Mine, which you will pass first. Just follow the waypoints. Five massive mine shafts can be seen from within the mine which is 1,000 feet long and 300 feet deep.

The area was once an industrial waste land but now a state park. If you come across a “no trespassing” sign, then it means no trespassing. You’ll see those signs on the other side of the mountain. On your way back. Keep off the top of the mountain, as there are shafts one can accidently fall into. If you want to see the shafts you can see them from within the mine. If you decide to descend into the mine, take caution. Again keep off the top of the mountain.

As you go in the mine, the light from the entrance will begin to fade as you go deeper and deeper so bring a headlamp. When you reach the boat you’ll notice a hole in it. This boat is out of service. It does not float and the inflatable one is out of air, not that I’d recommended blowing it up. So you will have to bring a swimsuit and carabineer. To continue put your swimsuit on, clip your bag with boots and all into the line that’s on the side wall and hang on as you float across. When you cross over, dry off put your boots on and continue. As you go deeper into the Sunk Mine it just gets more amazing and mind boggling.

When you reach the end of the mine, the only way out is the same way you came in. Upon your exit you can choose to venture some more. (Remem- ber to keep off the top of the mountain. When you reach level ground you can continue on until you reach another mine open- ing along the mountain. Not as breath taking but really cool. As you continue around the mountain from level ground you will see a swamp on your right. Continue on until you reach the mine tailings, where your ascent will begin. Just before the mine tailings there is an unmarked path going up. When you reach the top of the mountain you’ll see another mine opening. Not as impressive but pretty cool.

Now that you’ve made it back to level high ground, follow the waypoint to the Blue Trail and make a left and continue on until you reach the Yellow Trail marker. Make a right and keep on it until you reach Sunk Mine Road, which will take you back to your car. This hike is dangerous! Be alert and know your bear- ings and keep off the top of the Sunk Mine.


PictographWaypoint Altitude 915 ft


23-APR-09 2:00:23PM

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Dennytown Rd

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23-APR-09 11:59:20AM

PictographSpelunking Altitude 801 ft
Photo ofHamilton Mine Photo ofHamilton Mine Photo ofHamilton Mine

Hamilton Mine

Hamilton Mine

PictographSpelunking Altitude 871 ft
Photo ofMine Photo ofMine


23-APR-09 1:54:01PM

PictographSpelunking Altitude 896 ft
Photo ofSunk Mine

Sunk Mine

23-APR-09 11:46:11AM

PictographSpelunking Altitude 808 ft
Photo ofSunk Mine Continues Photo ofSunk Mine Continues Photo ofSunk Mine Continues

Sunk Mine Continues

23-APR-09 1:01:52PM

PictographWaypoint Altitude 0 ft

Sunken Mine Rd

PictographHiking Altitude 725 ft
Photo ofSwamp1


23-APR-09 1:30:05PM

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Trail 6

PictographWaypoint Altitude 906 ft

Yellow Trail Back

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    Theres a few other ways to the main shaft shorter walk more direct its a pretty well cut in trail too only take you 10 minutes

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