Pine Swamp Mine


Trail photos

Photo ofPine Swamp Mine Photo ofPine Swamp Mine Photo ofPine Swamp Mine


Trail stats

2.95 mi
Elevation gain
568 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
535 ft
Max elevation
1,133 ft
Min elevation
858 ft
Trail type
one hour 48 minutes
April 19, 2009
April 2009
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1,133 ft
858 ft
2.95 mi

near Arden, New York (United States)

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Trail photos

Photo ofPine Swamp Mine Photo ofPine Swamp Mine Photo ofPine Swamp Mine

Itinerary description

This is a moderate day hike. Once you’ve parked at the Lake Askoti parking lot, take the A-SB R Trail until you reach the intersection with the yellow trail. You will make a left. As you continue you will see old ruins and mine tailings.

When you reach the waypoint of the Pine Swamp Mine make a right and ascend up the hill. Just fol- low the rock pile as it turns into the mountain. As you get closer to the bend you will see the opening into Pine Swamp Mine. Pretty impressive, huh!

The Pine Swamp Mine was opened around 1830 and closed in 1880. It’s a pretty impressive mine opening. Bear in mind there is a warning sign that reads: “Danger: Wooden shaft filled with water watch your step.” Take caution if you enter.

When you’ve finished exploring the Pine Swamp Mine, head back down onto the yellow trail and continue in the direction you were heading until you reach the “light blue trail” where you will make a left and continue on the “light blue trail” until it takes you back to where you started, The Lake Askoti parking lot.

If you don’t see the parking lot at the end of your hike then you’ve mostly likely made a wrong turn.
Be safe, happy hiking!


PictographWaypoint Altitude 978 ft

Mine Site1

PictographWaypoint Altitude 0 ft
Photo ofPine Swamp

Pine Swamp

PictographWaypoint Altitude 1,032 ft
Photo ofPineSwamp Mine Photo ofPineSwamp Mine Photo ofPineSwamp Mine

PineSwamp Mine

PictographWaypoint Altitude 992 ft
Photo ofPit


PictographWaypoint Altitude 0 ft

Seven Lakes Dr Parking

PictographWaypoint Altitude 997 ft

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